The Winter Whip Snowboard contest at Afriski – presented by LW Mag

This is the first time in over 10 years that I have missed the annual snowboard contest in South Africa. I am pretty damn bleak about it, especially watching the video and realising what a great weekend the boys and gals had. People are always amazed when I talk about snowboarding in Africa, but the bottom line is that if you wanna ride a fun park, you don’t need to travel abroad! Even world famous web boarder and pro, Marko Grilc, was impressed, just see his video below the comp one.

Juniors 1 – Eduan Enslin
Amateur 1 – Jason Lammers 2 – Graham Sepata 3 – Wesley SchallenOpen
Ladies 1 – Mawa Jekot 2 – Vanessa Jackson 3 – Tamara SusaOpen
Men 1 – Andrew Le Roux 2 – Luke Dutton 3 – Dean van Greunen
Ski 1 – JTK 2 – Augusto Risso 3 – Alexander Travers