Wavejet South Africa Launch & International Surfing Day

I, like most surfers had checked out Wavejet online with some interest, but had never seriously thought of riding one. Then this week the guys doing it locally in SA got hold of me and asked me to come down and try one out as this weekend is their official launch in the country. What’s more it was International Surfing Day, so why not go try it out at big Muizenberg. I tried the 9’0 Longboard while Robby tried the 7’1 Shortboard. We got out back, almost “2km” out at Muizenberg, haha, and the Wavejet made it easy. Caught loads of waves, rode them for miles and had a great time. For a weak wave like Muizenberg they were perfect. Both of us left the water with massive grins on our faces. I highly suggest going down to Surf Shack at Muizenberg and you can rent one from R250 per hour. It won’t replace your normal quiver, but dam you will have fun! (On a side note, I never surf Muizenberg ever and am still confused as to how I could have such an epic session out there.)

The Wavejet launch is tomorrow night at Bluebird Cafe in Muizenberg and you can meet legend surfer, Cory Lopez, as well as stand a chance to win one of the Wavejets. Then on Sunday they are having an open day at Muizenberg where you can chat to Cory and try out the boards. I will def be heading down for round 2.

Check out the event info here: Wavejet Launch

And check out Wavejet South Africa HERE

I highly recommend a session! Check out the shortboard in action…