Volcom Fiji Pro 2013 Preview

Lets get one thing straight, I am praying that the Volcom Fiji Pro 2013 gets a mega swell like last year and we actually get to see the world’s “best” competitive surfers in heats out there. (Just look at the picture and imagine it!)
Having said that it could quite easily be an event surfed at Restaurants with airs and tubes coming into the picture. It can be a tough event to choose your Fantasy Surfer team for sure. Choose all the big tube heavy hitters and the event is surfed in 4ft runners… Well you get my drift.

Having said that my picks are probably the same as everyone else. Kelly Slater is a machine out there and has won multiple times. John John Florence owns this kind of wave and will be mega hungry after two events off the tour. Gabriel Medina showed he can charge big frontside tubes and if it goes small he has the air game. Both Hobgood brothers may be getting old, but at big Cloudbreak they can be deadly! I am also sticking with Jordy Smith… Yip, the man has been in electric form and is looking hungry for that World Title. To do that, he has to start winning at waves like Teahupoo, Pipeline and of course Cloudbreak. He can surf big heavy lefts, he just has to do it in a heat now and if it goes small, well, rodeo flips can win contests. Bleak Owen Wright is injured, he was a definite threat. Keep an eye on that tiny man, Josh Kerr, he is not scared to go!

So, onto stop number 3 and lets hope and pray for that swell!