Vans World Cup of Surfing 2013 Preview – Sunset Beach, Hawaii

This is one of the oldest running contests in Professional Surfing. Actually it predates the professional tour. Another fact worth mentioning is that South Africans have always done well at Sunset, ever since a young Gavin Rudolph pitched up at the Smirnoff in the 70’s and blew everyone out the water to win it. What we need now is for one of the young crop to do the same thing. My pick must be Dale Staples. He had a great show of form through Haleiwa and was in my opinion very unlucky to get knocked out in the Round of 32. He is a power surfer, loves his forehand and has shown he is not scared to take on the World Tour guys. If Sunset is big and open walled, I would like to see Ducky go all the way!

The Forecasts are looking good with swell arriving today on the North Shore, so hopefully Sunset makes up for a very lacklustre first event and we see some incredible bravery and massive turns at bowling 10-12ft Sunset Beach. One thing is for sure, winning Sunset will put you in the race for the Triple Crown and will make your name!