Timmy Reyes wins the Mr Price Pro 2014

The man stayed cool and calm, with a big grin on his face the whole week! He surfed with style and power and never lost his head. Staying with the local crew in Ballito, Tim Reyes had the crowd support on the final day and it helped him win the event. Matt Wilko will be feeling like he let it slip from his grasp. He was electric through Friday and most of the final day, but just could not find a 2nd wave, after getting a 9.2.

The event produced incredible surfing and one just needs to watch the highlights videos from all the days to realise that the level of surfing on the Qualifying circuit has exploded. We now move on to the Jbay Open and I cannot wait to get there.

Congratulations to Martin Hartslief from PE, who was the first person to put Timmy Reyes as their favorite for the win. He wins R3000 surf accessories pack from Hurricane Surf. I will have another comp for Jbay.