Viva Jared Houston Viva – 2015 Bodyboarding World Champion

If you were up late last night you may have noticed Jared Houston’s name popping up all over your Facebook timeline. This is not because he is such a nice guy, dashingly handsome or has loads of mates (All of which are true), but because our favorite Bodyboarder has won the 2015 APB Tour. That is right, we have a new World Champion South Africa! Jared had to sit on the beach after an early knock out in Puerto Rico. Reunion bodyboarder, Amaury Lavernhe, just had to make the Quarters to take the title, but luckily for Jared’s fingernails and our nerves, he got knocked out by an on fire Jacob Romero.

So stoked for Jared! I hope you all celebrate today and go leave our Safa champion a message –

2015 APB World Tour | Champions

Men: Jared Houston (RSA)
Women: Alexandra Rinder (GER)
Pro Junior: Socrates Santana (BRA)
Drop-Knee: Dave Hubbard (HAW)

The Podcast is back! This week it is all Bodyboarding and a little surf…

This week I was invaded by the Bodyboarders in the form of Jarret Johnston, Simon Heale & Ian Kruger from Sixty40 Magazine, as we discussed the Tand Invitational, the IBA World Tour, the status of SA Bodyboarding and a surprising amount about surfing and what is happening on the ASP World Tour and in the upcoming winter run here in South Africa. All played to a backdrop of the lastest music…

Congrats to our Twitter Competition winner with Tand Invitational, Zion and Sixty40 – @LukeEdward1 (Please Tweet/DM @KapteinKai your details so we can get you that awesome package!)

Check out the video teaser for the Tand Invitational…