Chris Bertish to SUP across the Atlantic – The SUP Crossing

There are so many things I could use to describe Chris Bertish to you. But I think the most important one is that is he is driven – not just to succeed at whatever he does, but to excel for both himself and others. To push the boundaries and show us whats actually possible. After years of supporting charities, charging monster waves and breaking records, Chris now plans on achieving his life long goal of crossing the Atlantic Ocean… on a SUP. When I first heard of this plan I have to honestly say I did not think it was possible, but Chris Bertish does not understand impossible. Check out the video and get involved, supporting some amazing causes!

32 First ever Tricks at Nitro World Games

The inaugural Nitro World Games took place July 16 at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City. Travis Pastrana changed the game so many times it only made sense that his dream event would do the same thing. There were 32 never before done tricks at the Nitro Games this weekend, from the likes of winners Colton Walker,Levi Sherwood, Elliot Sloan, Gregg Duffy and with the new formats and judging system we may just see even more very soon. What will be especially interesting is how this will effect the more staple events such as X games and Dew Tour. Of course some of the events had mostly Nitro Circus athletes, who are the only people able to hit the giant ramps with specially modified landings, but it dont change the fact that the guys made history! Check out the winning runs below and I have also put the entire event stream up for you guys. Make some popcorn, gran a cold one and blow your mind!

On a side note, it is very interesting to see the outcry online over why they did not show the scooter and inline runs. While both are almost non-existent in SA, scooter has one of the biggest fan bases in the USA. On top of this it was a scooter athlete, Ryan Williams, who won the BMX best trick with a never before seen trick!

Freeride Mayhem in SA – Pure Darkness 3

The Garden Route is normally known for its beautiful countryside, forests, mountains and ocean, but for a group of the World’s best Freeride guys, its Shangri la for another reason! Enter Sam Reynolds, Matt MacDuff, Danny Pace, Andreu Lacondeguy and Dylan Stone at the Garden Route Trail Park and the biggest dirt jump runs ever seen on the planet. You know when a bunch of loons like these guys and Monster Energy team up that mayhem will ensue…

Danny Way and the highest air ever!

The title says it all. Skateboarding’s Iron Man tops himself by literally taking things to the next level. Danny Way sets out to break his own highest air record and after a punishing wipeout sets a new world record of 25.5ft.

Biggest Waves Ever? Nazare’ Erupts!

Some think that the wave at Nazare has no bottom, its just a rolling swell, but watching this footage and one has to wonder if that is true? This may well be the biggest day ever surfed. Red Bull Media House were there to film the antics as some of the best Tow Surfers on the planet charged the heavy water of Portugal.

RJ Anderson XP1K2, Utterly insane side-by-side driving!

The Side-by-side (Sxs) is a relatively new form of racing vehicle, which has started to happen in South Africa. Developed from platforms used for farming and hunting, these vehicles are super light, run on modified bike engines and can cross crazy terrain in the blink of an eye. I wanna race one so bad I can taste it!

Professional Driver. One-Of-A-Kind Heavily Modified Vehicle. Do Not Attempt. You Could Die. “XP1K2” is a seven-minute onslaught of intense off-road road action, set in a massive 600-acre forest near Mt. Baker, Washington. The video stars Off-Road Racing Champion RJ Anderson, driving a custom Holz Racing built Polaris RZR XP 1000 Side-by-Side (SxS), complete with a Polaris ProStar® 1000 Muzzys Performance engine and custom Walker Evans Racing shocks. The “XP1K2” crew, including Tony Vanillo and his team of dirt and ramp engineers at the Off-Road Management Group, transformed the remote wooded location into a stunning array of creative obstacles, which included more than 20 natural terrain and man-made works of (terrifying) art. Spoiler alert – RJ Anderson reclaims the world record for a distance jump in a SxS – and does so by clearing a death-defying 100-foot gap!

More than a year of planning went in to the development and execution of the “XP1K2” campaign. It took the build team of 10, more than a month to carve out the heart-stopping playground as multiple obstacles featured hand built “ladder trail” which required two to three days each to weld, cover in wood and secure safely. The Mad Media crew of 40 then spent 14 days on location battling wind, rain, mud and fog to capture each of their incredible imagined obstacles.

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Longest Dirt to Dirt MTB Backflip with Cam Zink

Mammoth was the site of yet another Monster Energy athlete world-breaking victory where Cam Zink stomped an official Guinness World Record for the longest dirt-to-dirt mountain bike backflip launching 100 feet 3 inches from a 15-foot-high dirt ramp to a 25-foot-high landing where he reached speeds of up to 46 mph to beat his previous record.

Going huge on a mountain bike is second nature to Zink, 28, who continues to progress the limitless possibilities by defining the future of mountain biking. He previously landed a 78-foot step-down backflip at one of the world’s premier freeride mountain bike events. For today’s official Guinness World Record, Zink upped the ante to 100-feet, three inches ensuring authenticity in the set up that he designed and was built by the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park team at Mammoth’s Canyon Lodge. Instead of the step-down setup and wood ramp from his previous record, he opted for a more purist approach with a dirt-to-dirt gap jump on level ground with the start of the landing area 80-feet from the takeoff for good measure.