Oakley Wave of the Winter 2015 Movie

Every winter on the North Shore, Surfline run the “wave of the winter” contest. Through video submission, surfers enter their best waves surfed along the North Shore over the winter for a $25’000 first prize. This season saw some crazy entries, but it was Mason Ho and Jamie O’Brien who fought it out for first place, both with crazy waves at Pipeline. Check out what happened…

Wave of the Winter Teaser 2013-14

The North Shore season is upon us and once again Surfline are running their “Wave of the Winter” video competition for the best ride over the whole Winter Season. A couple of South Africans had entries last year for the big $25’000 first prize, including Josh Redman. This year there are a couple of Saffas on the Shore, so it will be interesting to see if anyone can lay claim to the prize? Check out the teaser video and then when you have some time the full movie of all last year’s entries.