Nyjah Huston’s “OMFG” Part with Thrasher Magazine

Some hate him, others worship him, but what none of us can deny is that Nyjah Huston changed the game. He is most definitely not your old school punk rock skater, but he skates pretty dam punk rock!

What happens when you ask Nyjah if he has any footage laying around? You get 4 minutes you won’t soon forget.
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Must watch Skate section! Ben Raybourn goes mental with Thrasher magazine.

This is easily one of the gnarliest and most gangster skate parts I have seen in an age! Do yourself a favour and watch it now!

Ben Raybourn is on a psychotic skate mission to ride the deepest pits and terrain ever. It’s almost like Earth is running out of spots gnarly enough for him to ride. Unreal. Here’s his Welcome to Nike part.


DC presents Nyjah Huston Fade to Black with Thrasher Magazine

Wanna know why this guy is considered the best street skater in the world? It is very simple, just watch this video and have your eyes blown wide. No hordes of other skaters screaming in the background, no pimp daddy I am the boss man attitude, just rock solid and utterly amazing skating to a great old track! Nyjah Huston is the Boss!

The Friday Mix – Teahupoo and Skate Wipes, Kelly Slater and Snowboarding

Welcome back to the Friday Mix! This week I had to have something from the insane 3 days at Teahupoo, so decided to show you this interview with Makua Rothman on being punished on the reef at the end of the road! Scary, Scary Stuff.
Next up we continue the wipeout madness with Thrasher Magazine’s latest “Hall of Meat” and Nassim Guammaz eating shit hard!
Back to reality and a really cool interview with the boss man, Kelly Slater, by the joker, Occy. Some serious pearls of wisdom in this one!
We finish off with some Jib action on the slopes to warm you up for winter and get ready for the Park at Afriski. Pretty much everything you see in this video will be available to ride at Afriski!

Have an insane weekend!

Tom Picamoles 2013 part from youngpopstudio on Vimeo.