Rolling Retro – Digital Edition 2021

With the cancelation of so many events over the last 18 months, including the Rolling Retro at Llandudno Beach, the organizers decided to revive the event with a special digital edition in 2021. This year Rolling Retro are inviting surfers from across South Africa, to film themselves with their Retro Surfboards. The organizers want to see the old boards and hear their stories. Rolling Retro, organizer, Captain Kai, 

“It was heartbreaking to cancel the event in 2020 just a week before we were supposed to run it. Robby and I could not face another year of inactivity. So, we decided to go out there and get everyone in the SA surfing community involved. This year anyone can submit clips of their boards and some surfing on them, to win incredible prizes.”

So, dust off those Retro boards, Logs, handguns, waveskis, Kneeboards, Bodyboards and tell Rolling Retro their stories, why you love them and show them off on a few waves. Rolling Retro have some epic prizes for their favorites, including a trip to the 2022 Rolling Retro at Llandudno (The event is almost guaranteed to run in 2022.) 

How To Enter:

Entry is free! 

  1. Make a video where you introduce your Retro Board (Any wave Riding machine), catch a few waves on video and put the videos together – you dont need music. 
  2. Put the video clips in a folder (No need to edit) and Wetransfer to Captain Kai at (We will edit and post the clips on our Platforms)
  3. Cape Town Pop Ups – we will have 2 pop up Board Rentals with a camera guy in Cape Town over the entry period. Watch our social media for the dates and times. (If you paid your entry in 2020, this is valid for these pop ups.) Rent a board for an hour and get your clips filmed for R400 (2020 T-shirt for every person who rents.)

Entry Form: 

Cape Town Pop Up Rentals:

“We know a lot of guys and girls don’t have access to their own Retro Boards or filmers, so we are doing two pop up rentals in Cape Town over the waiting period. You can come down to the beach, rent a board from the collection and we will have a filmer on the beach. People who paid their entry in 2020 will be able to use it for this rental and all people who rent a board at the pop ups will receive 2020 event tshirts.” Robby from Vudu Surf and Rolling Retro. 

The two pop rentals will be at any beach on the Cape Peninsula and the Rolling Retro team will notify of the day, times and other details on the Retro social channels. 

Running Dates:

4 May – Competition Open for entries 

Thursday 6 May: Jack Black Social Media Competition Launches – Win the Jack Black Art Board  

Tuesday 08 June: Cut Off for Entries

Tuesday 11 June: Men, Grom and Ladies Finalists Announced (4 per category) – Have 2 weeks to get 3x Final entries

Wednesday 23 June: Cutoff For Finalists Entries 

Wednesday 30 June: Winners Announced (Including JB IG Surfboard Winner) 


Grom Winner: Vudu Retro Replica Surfboard, Skullcandy Pack

Ladies Winner: 12 cases Southfields (year’s supply) + Care Pack (Key ring, Cap, sticker pack), Skullcandy Headphones

Mens Winner: 12 cases Southfields (year’s supply) + Care Pack (Key ring, Cap, sticker pack), Skullcandy Headphones

Best Wave: Flights & Accommodation (Hout Bay Beach House) for the 2022 Rolling Retro (1 Person, 2 Nights Accommodation with breakfast), Skullcandy Pack, Jack Black Hamper (Case of Beer, Cap, T-shirt)

Jack Black Art Surfboard: IG Competition 

Terms & Conditions: 

This contest is in no way affiliated with Facebook or Instagram.

By entering the contest and submitting your videos, you give Rolling Retro and the sponsors permission to use that footage commercially and online. 

The Judges decisions are final.

The Prizes are not transferable and if you cannot for any reason take your prize we will choose an alternate winner. 

No Alcohol prizing for anyone under the age of 18 – Anyone under 18 years of age can enter the Junior Category. 


Rolling Retro IG: 

Rolling Retro FB: 

Any queries can be directed to Kai Linder


Mirage – A short film about the origin and evolution of Skeleton Bay

Skeleton Bay changed perceptions!

Since it was unveiled in 2008, Skelton Bay has become part of our everyday lexicon, a synonym for never-ending sand bottomed tubes. But unlike Pipeline, G-Land, or [insert your preferred iconic world class wave here], the two-kilometer-long left on the edge of the Namib Desert is in a constant state of flux. If satellite imagery is anything to go by, the wave we know today didn’t even exist 30 years ago.

The Story of Skeleton Bay

Mirage is a 15-minute doccie that traces the genesis of the Namibian sandspit and how it became one of the most sought after waves on the planet, as told by pioneering locals and some of the best tube riders in the world.

But before you put it on the top of your post-pandemic bucket list, perhaps take heed of Koa Smith’s veiled advice from the film: “People think oh, easy, Skeleton Bay aka Donkey Bay. I’m going to go get the barrel of my life. But then they show up here and realize it’s more like Teahupoo on sand.”

The Movie

Skeleton Bay Storytellers

Produced by: @nownowmedia

Written and Directed by @alanvangysen and @will.bendix

Filmed and edited by @calvinthompson_films

13 Year Old Kai Hall Charges Grab Rail

Young Natural Footer Charges

Kai Hall grew up in South Africa surfing predominantly right waves. He has enjoyed a solid competitive career in the South African junior series, even at his young age and now finds himself living in paradise in Bali.

Bali improves your left surfing

Living in Bali, Kai has had to learn to ride left pits and he has adapted very quickly to riding pig dog. Wearing wetsuits and a helmet for protection from the live coral reef, he is making a name for himself in the islands and all over the world. Kai Hall is possibly the most tubed 13 year old on the planet!

Enjoy the Stab feature video

Royden Bryson, Davey Weare and Simon Nicholson on #Thelockdown

Some serious South Africa class

When you look back at the generations of South African surfers, not many groups can compete with the style and class of this generation. Royden Bryson was one of the stand out surfers on tour, until a horrible injury at Jefferys Bay ended his career. He is now living on the South Coast and coaching and by all accounts shredding again.

Davey Weare was the coolest and calmest competitor we have ever produced. I call him the ice man. Now a financial advisor, he still gets in the water and puts on a. power surfing display every time.

Undeniably one of the most stylish surfers to ever come out of South Africa, Simon Nicholson still shreds. He came perilously close to qualifying for the Championship Tour and won some of the biggest events on the planet. He still rips and now works in real estate.

The Podcast

What we talked about

Amongst many subjects was just the pure stoke for these guys catching up. After years spent traveling the globe, Simon and Royden had not seen each other in a decade. We also chatted about that hunger retired to compete with the world’s best and what its like when the tour is over and you have to adjust to “Normal” life.

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The Surf Photographers, Alan Van Gysen & Ian Thurtell #theLockdown Ep7

The Podcast

The Surf Photographers are wise!

In this episode you will be subjected to some serious wisdom from the surf photographers! These two are clever, articulate and definitely know what they are talking about. We discuss this current crisis, why you should obey the law, rather funnel your energy into a good cause than get angry, where contest surfing should go now locally, what it takes to be a good surf photographer and even how to stay fit until we can surf again.

Meet the surf photographers

Alan van Gysen is a name synonymous with surf photography and has worked with the biggest surfers, publications and content creators on the planet. Based with his family in Kommetjie, Cape Town, he is a very spiritual man, loves surfing, writing and traveling to exotic locations with the world’s best surfers. We call him, the world’s nicest man.

Ian Thurtell, is one of the top, young photographers in South Africa. A solid contributor to the local and international scene and covers most of the major contests in South Africa. He builds custom housings for cameras, puts together media trips and works very closely with some of the best junior surfers in the country.

Support these surf initiatives

Once again we highlight the great work happening around the SA coastline by some great people. Please support these incredible programs:

You can support these great surf community initiatives we spoke about. 9 Miles ProjectThe OptimistThe Sentinel Ocean AllianceLets Feed Jbay and Surf Pop by donating today, either with money or your time. 

We also ask you to support our local Magazine – Zigzag

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Rosie Hodge, Sophie Bell & Heather Clarke – #theLockdown Ep6

The Podcast

Rosie Hodge and the chargers from South Africa

Rosy Hodge is a household name in surfing, world wide, as she presents on the WSL webcasts and of course surfed on the world tour. Calling San Clemente in California home, Rosy is one of the most influential ladies in world surfing.

Heather Clarke was the longest representative on the World Tour for SA, along with Greg Emslie in the men. She still regularly wins open and masters SA titles and now coaches surfing, based in her home town on the South Coast of SA.

Coming from the North Coast, growing up surfing heavy waves, Sophie Bell has had an illustrious junior career and has recently moved into the Open division. She is not scared to charge heavy waves and is one of the few ladies to have a crack at Donkey Bay, Namibia.

We talk lockdown and Girls Surfing

We chat about how communities are handling the lockdown, how tough it is to be a surfer in SA currently, unable to surf and about the current state of ladies surfing internationally and locally. (We may be putting together a girls surf camp and schools road show in the future.)

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Rosy Hodge on instagram.

Heather Clarke on instagram.

Sophie Bell on instagram.

Support these great Surf Community feeding projects, Rosie Hodge does.

You can support these great surf community initiatives we spoke about. 9 Miles Project, The Optimist, The Sentinel Ocean Alliance, Lets Feed Jbay and Surf Pop by donating today, either with money or your time.

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Jack Robinson, WSL CT Rookie – #TheLockdown Ep5

#TheLockdown Ep5

Jack Robinson is ready for the Championship Tour

One of the first things we chat about on the podcast, is just how much experience Jack has already on the CT, before he even starts his career there. With numerous wildcards since his teens and surfing against most of the top guys in QS heats, he feels he has all the experience he needs to spend 20 plus years on the tour.

Staying Positive during Lockdown

With the delayed start to 2020 due to the Corona Lockdown, he stays positive at home in West Oz, where he can surf. In fact most of the waves on his doorstep make up the venues for the 3rd CT stop. He also tells me that the break, his first since he was 14, allows for some training, rest and quality time with his lady and family.

Some quality Humor

Jack has a great sense of humor and we have a couple of really good laughs over the interview. At one point, girlfriend, Julia Muniz walks from a shower, thinking its a telephone call… needless to say huge laughs around.

Jack Robinson is the most anticipated Rookie in CT history.

One thing is for sure, no surfer’s debut on the the Championship Tour has ever been this anticipated. Jack rips in all conditions. He charges the big heavy waves that would normally intimated the new comers. Hell, he has one the Volcom Pipeline Pro and is always a stand out at Teahupoo. I for one cannot wait to see him on tour.

Follow Jack and get live video from the Box and other West Oz heavy waves on his Instagram and his amazing gal Julia Muniz on her Instagram.

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Matthew McGillivray, WSL CT Rookie, The Lockdown Ep 5


Matthew McGillivray Waiting on Corona

I chat to WSL Championship Tour, rookie, Matthew McGillivray from the Gold Coast. What has it been like starting your CT career only to have it stalled by the lockdown? What has lockdown been like in Australia? What are his thoughts on the new WSL formats for the tours, announced this week? Why does he love BASE jumping? These are just some of the subjects we cover in the 30 minute interview.

We also chat surfboards and Matt’s relationship with Graham and Jordy Smith with the new brand, SMTH Shapes.

Lets Feed Jbay

We also chat about his home town and the incredible movement right now to feed the poor community of Jbay!

Support the initiative here – Lets Feed Jbay

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Image: J-Bay’s Matt McGillivray in action at Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii on Sunday Image- WSL/Heff

Fountain of Youth – SA surfing flashback!

Photo: Alan van Gysen

Fountain of Youth took me back in time!

Wow, almost forgot about this film from Jason Hearn and Duncan Scott. Pretty rad that it came up today when I posted an interview with Travis Logie, Jordy and Wok. This surf film included Travis and many of the surfers either side of their generation. It was also the film that got me booking my trip on the Indies Explorer (Sadly burnt a few years ago) and I had one of the best trips of my life.

The Film

Fountain of Youth from Jason Hearn on Vimeo.

About the Film

The surf film “The Fountain of Youth,” which was written, directed, filmed and produced by the duo of filmer Jason Hearn and writer Duncan Scott, encapsulated a highwater mark of that period, as a crew of some of SA’s best surfers stepped aboard the Indies Explorer and gorged themselves on uncrowded, prime-season Mentawai perfection. The surfers included Greg Emslie, Paul Canning, Davey Weare, Travis Logie, Simon Nicholson, Peter Nicholson, Duncan Scott, Dan Redman, Ricky Basnett and Damien Fahrenfort. 

Lockdown chat with Jordy Smith, Travis Logie & Wok – #TheLockdown Ep4

The Podcast

The 3 Amigos in Lockdown

I was not sure what to expect when I chatted with Travis Logie about getting the three best buds on the same podcast during lockdown, but needless to say it was an epic chat. These 3 grew up together in Durban and now live in California and Hawaii. Jordy Smith has become one of the best surfers on the planet, Travis has ended his Pro surf career and become the WSL Commissioner and Warwick Wok Wright was never really a pro, though he beat a few, but now a successful interior designer and married in Hawaii.

A Special Chat

Wok’s Mom called me up after the premier and told me how special it was to get the three together and talking. A sentiment shared by the boys at the end of our talk – it went on for just over an hour – and the stories, flashbacks and laughs were real. It was incredible to get some real insight to their relationships, how they met and of course their time together on the tour.

Groms Listen up!

On a more serious note, the gents serve up some real, hard advice for aspiring SA surfers with big dreams of qualifying. These three, yes even Wok, made some serious damage on the QS and their stories and and advise should be heeded.

Hawaii the best place to be in lockdown!

This was the common consensus during the chat and checking out Jordy’s Instagram account will leave you in no doubt. Wok has adopted a flock of ducks and is practicing for being a daddy.

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