Rolling Retro 2019 Official Video

A huge keg won Josh Brodie the wave of the day award.

Rolling Retro must be the best day of the year!

Every year I say it and this year is no different. Rolling Retro is simply the best day of the year. Where else can one come to the beach without any boards, ride pieces of SA surf history, hang out on the most beautiful beach, see some of the hottest humans alive and drink cold beer and party your socks off?

This year we were celebrating a decade of this amazing event and it really was an exceptional day!

The video will blow your mind

I have warned you! If you were not at the Rolling Retro this year, this may make you feel very, very sad! Perhaps even a little green.

Incredible job by Michael Veltman on the production, the track from the Dinosaurs is amazing and you are going to love the official 2019, Rolling Retro video.

Make It – The fresh surfing of Joshe Faulkner

Hailing from Jbay, Joshe has a deadly backhand attack!

Joshe Faulkner has a deep well of Talent

Joshe Faulkner grew up in Jbay and has honed his talent in the competitive lineups and on the strong South African junior series. Some big results over the years, but it is watching him free surf where you really gain perspective on how deep his talent runs. This is why I asked Billabong to give me some time with him to film and boy am I glad I did.

The Kid seems Quiet

When you need Joshe he comes off as this super quiet and reserved human. But travelling with him for two weeks I got to find out he is pretty sharp, has a dark sense of humour and once he feels comfortable around you he actually loves a chat. The main thing I learnt about him though, is that he literally loves surfing more than anything else. He will surf for hours, as in 6 hour session, come out and eat and go straight back in for another few hours.

Make It is just the start

This is our first project working together, but plans are already in motion for a bigger and more radical film to be shot this year. So watch this space, give the young man a follow on social – Joshe on Instagram – and I will keep you posted as we look to make the best free surfing film out of South Africa ever!

In the meantime enjoy this, our first project together…

Make It – Joshe Faulkner, South Africa from Kai Linder on Vimeo.

Surf South Africa with Captain Kai, WSL and AirBnB

I have partnered with WSL and AirBnB to host a Surf Experience in my home town. I will take you surfing, film some clips for you and show you the best food, coffee and hang out spots in the St Francis area.

Take Home Memories

I film with the best surfers in the World and now you can benfit from my experience. Not only do you get to take away some clips of your surfing, to show off to your friends back home, but watching your surfing on video is the best way to improve your surfing. As a WSL commentator, I can give you valuable feedback and analysis of your surfing.

Surf Experience and Local Tips

I will give you not only great surf advice for the local area, but also where the best spots to shop, eat and have a good time are.

To Book

Click on the link above to book today!