Celebrate South African Surfing

Got sent this great mash up of surfing around SA and Namibia from my guy, Josh Rowe. Great little edit celebrating surfing. Pretty funny because I am in it driving a van in the desert and you can hear me say, “Frothing” in the Donkey section. Check it out!

A collection reminding us why we surf. Namibia, Robben island, Dunes, Sunset, Dungeons. Benji Brand, Matt Bromley, Emi Erickson, James Lowe, Natxo Gonzalez, Andrew Marr, Jurie Muller, Jason hayes, Mike Schlebach, Jeremy Johnson just to name some of the crew.

Who is JOB 5.0 Premier – Best surf web show is back!

Returning for a fifth season, the highly successful web series Who Is JOB kicks off with a heavy dose of epic Pipeline barrels featuring none other than North Shore Hawaii local Jamie O’Brien and his supporting cast of friends and misfits. In the season premiere, the boys take it to the next level on the “SUPsquatch”, catching XXL size bombs at Sunset Beach and Makaha on the oversized stand-up paddle board. You won’t believe your eyes once you see what they’re up to this time around.

Stay tuned for more fun with Jamie O’Brien in Ep. 2, dropping on Friday, May 29th.

6 Weeks of Aloha – Vans Triple Crown 2014

The Vans Triple Crown runs over the best period for waves during the North Shore winter. The world’s best compete against the core Hawaiian locals and the action is red hot. Vans have taken the best of the contests, the best of the free surf sessions and blended it all together into a power packed short movie for your viewing pleasure.

Every winter the North Shore of Oahu hosts 3 of professional surfing’s most prestigious events known as the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing. For 6 weeks the worlds best surfers join the surf community of the North Shore. Heavy waves and Heavy wipeouts. Contest day title races and lay day dream sessions. This is the story of the 2014 Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.

Vans World Cup of Surfing 2013 Preview – Sunset Beach, Hawaii

This is one of the oldest running contests in Professional Surfing. Actually it predates the professional tour. Another fact worth mentioning is that South Africans have always done well at Sunset, ever since a young Gavin Rudolph pitched up at the Smirnoff in the 70’s and blew everyone out the water to win it. What we need now is for one of the young crop to do the same thing. My pick must be Dale Staples. He had a great show of form through Haleiwa and was in my opinion very unlucky to get knocked out in the Round of 32. He is a power surfer, loves his forehand and has shown he is not scared to take on the World Tour guys. If Sunset is big and open walled, I would like to see Ducky go all the way!

The Forecasts are looking good with swell arriving today on the North Shore, so hopefully Sunset makes up for a very lacklustre first event and we see some incredible bravery and massive turns at bowling 10-12ft Sunset Beach. One thing is for sure, winning Sunset will put you in the race for the Triple Crown and will make your name!

Get ready for the North Shore!

All eyes turn to the North Shore of Hawaii next week as the Triple Crown of Surfing begins and the World Tour of surfing descends on Oahu. Outside of the winning the World Title, the Triple Crown is probably the most prestigious trophy in surfing and has been won by the best of the best. With 3 events spanning a month long period, it will put surfers to the test, from high performance Haleiwa, to monster outside Sunset and of course the caverns of Pipeline and Backdoor. Defending Triple Crown Champ, Sebastien Ziets will be wanting to defend his title for Hawaii, but annual stars like Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning and Jordy Smith will be looking for that title, as well as the World Title. All the players and scenarios are in place for an epic showdown. Follow all the drama – http://www.vanstriplecrownofsurfing.com/

On the back of this, the invites for the Quiksilver in memory of Eddia Aiku Big Wave contest have gone out and Grant Twig Baker is on that prestigious list! With the waiting period stretching over the whole North Shore winter we can only hope that this year the spirit of Eddie will arrive and we can once again watch the beautiful chaos that is the Bay! Follow the mayhem – http://quiksilverlive.com/eddieaikau/2014/