Urban Snowmobiling in Saint Paul | Levi LaVallee

Levi LaVallee is the poster child for dynamite comes in small packages. I met him back at X Games in LA a few years ago and the guy is short, full of life and loves a good party. On top of all that he rides a snowmobile like a man possessed! Check out his latest web video where he cruises the streets of his home town, its pretty dam ridiculous.

Some people see the world as a playground, where anything and everything can and will be a shreddable obstacle. As a kid growing up in Minnesota, Levi LaVallee looked at his state’s capital Saint Paul like a ripe fruit, begging to be plucked…and ripped to shreds on his snowmobile. A land of opportunity that only he could see, it was his mission to take that city over on his trusty sled. Now, he’s done it.

Danny MacAskill’s Epecuén – Trailer

When did you ever see a Danny MacAskill video that did not rock… Exactly, never!

Danny’s back! And this time his new playground is an abandoned village in Argentina. After spending 25 years underwater, it’s now re-emerged for the first time and Epecuén, named after the town itself, will see Danny take his biking back to the roots of trials riding, as he explores the forgotten town and pushes the limits as the world’s #1 freestyle trial rider.

BMX Ramp Riding on a moving Truck Trailer

Great idea this and how simple. keep seeing this overcomplicated and badly designed “super” mobile parks for demos and they all fail and take forever to set up and pack away. This is super simple and probably the best setup I have seen.

The Venezuelan Daniel Dhers, five times X-Games Gold Medalist, performed some outstanding BMX tricks on a ramp placed on top of a huge trailer in the middle of Lima´s crazy traffic.

Road Bike Party 2 – Trial riding a very expensive Road Bike

We have all been in awe of the Danny MacAskill and his trial bike videos, which have garnered millions of Youtube hits. His good mate Martyn Ashton made his first version with a road bike and it promptly became a huge hit. So now he decided to make another one, using a R210’000 bike… (Thanks for the link Rawlins.)

Road Bike Party 2 is here! Martyn Ashton, Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg take you on a new journey with a new bike.

Incredible stunts and amazing tricks all completed on a £15,000 Colnago C59 Italia? It can only be a Road Bike Party! Lycra-clad trials legend Martyn Ashton’s first Road Bike Party was a YouTube sensation, so a sequel HAD to be made, bigger and better than before! Martyn was in the middle of filming when his life was transformed by an accident during a trials display which has left him paralysed from the waist down. Courage, determination and great friends have helped Martyn to complete his vision for what a Road Bike Party is.

In the words of Mr Ashton, “Party on”!

No bikes were harmed in the making of this film.

The Friday Mix – Red Bull Day of the Dead skate, Angola Surf & Bmx for Nitro Circus

Its been a few weeks since I did a Friday Mix for you guys. This is a banger though with 3 great videos. We start with the Red Bull Day of the Dead Skate event in Mexico, then we head off to Angola for the new surf film, Under Desert Skies, trailer and finish off with Dutch BMX star, Daniel Wedemeijer, heading to California to get ready for the Nitro Circus Euro tour (Which will be heading our way early next year.) Enjoy the mix and go out and ride this weekend!

Under Desert Sun Trailer from Kevin Voegtlin on Vimeo.

Trials Biking Through a Cargo Port w/ Kenny Belaey

Looks like we have a challenger for the Trial Bike web video crown…

Red Bull athlete and 9-times world champion Kenny Belaey started his personal clothing line of t-shirts. The clip ‘Kenny Belaey Cargo’ shows how Kenny takes his trial bike through the Port Of Antwerp, looking for the cargo that contains the first load of his t-shirts. While searching for the cargo container, Kenny has to overcome different natural obstacles, taking his trial bike past different docks, stairways, containers, cranes and forklifts.

The Golf Cart as it was always meant to be! – Extreme UTV

Ok, so its not technically a Golf Cart, but that is where the UTV’s original inspiration came from. A light vehicle for getting around areas without the hassle of a full truck. The gents at UTV Underground have now taken this “toy” to the next level! They custom built their dream machine, handed it into the hands of professional driver, RJ Anderson and got the team from the Gymkhana series to film it. Bottom line, this is my kinda golf cart!