Mongoose Bmx Team slay Cape Town

Every year in mid summer a plethora of Bmx stars from around the World head for Cape Town due to the many big riding events happening close to each other. This year our local hero, Greg Illingworth, brought his fellow Mongoose team mates along for a trip and they quite literally slayed the local Cape Spots. I got to take them down to the secret bowl and watch Greg slay that which was pretty incredible live. So sit back, relax and watch some Bmx carnage as riders Kevin Peraza, Paul Ryan, Greg Illingworth and Stu Loundon slay the Cape…

Vans Bmx Team Welcome

With Ultimate X and Night Harvest just around the corner, we have a lot of Bmx ahead, so i thought it would be good to start building the love for the bike.

These guys are no stranger to riding Vans and we would officially like to welcome Tyler Fernengel, TJ Ellis and Kevin Peraza to the Vans BMX Pro team. There are heaps of road trips planned throughout the year so these guys are going to hit the ground running in waffle soles. Music: “The River” by People’s Temple

All the X Games Gold 2014 from Austin, Texas

What I would have given to be at the X Games this year at it’s new home of Austin, Texas. The setups were insane, the crowds were huge and the weather was amazing. If, like me, you were unable to get there, have no fear, for I have put together a melting pot of all the best Gold Medal runs and wins. First up we have the youngest Gold medal winner in the history of the X Games. Tom Schaar is just 14 years old, but that did not stop him from beating his heros, like multiple champion, Bob Burnquist, and taking the Gold in the Skateboard Big Air…

Dam impressive it has to be said! Staying with skate and a guy I never knew much about came out and destroyed the skate vert competition to earn his first Gold medal. Jimmy Wilkins was on fire in his last run to keep Sandro Dias off the number 1 spot…

I was super stoked that they brought back BMX dirt to X Games and watching the final was pretty incredible. Kyle Baldock, throwing one of the biggest front flips ever seen, ended up with the Gold.

One man has dominated X Games Skate Street for a couple of years and this year, Nyjah Huston was on fire once again, winning his 5th X Games Gold medal. Like the commentators say, its like watching someone in a Playstation game…

Back to the Mega Ramp and Colton Satterfield pulling a no handed cork 720 to late barspin into a huge triple whip on the quarter, to win Gold on the BMX.

Onto Dirt Bikes and FMX star, Bilko, was in his first Speed and Style final against Mike Mason. Bilko with the power in the tricks was in it right to the end, but Mason throwing an underflip actually jumped his score. Mason, the veteran, showing the younger Ozzy his race experience and took the Gold from Bilko…

Almost done now and my two top Gold Medals coming up. First we had Pedro Barros in the Skate Park Final. This guys just has so much flow, combined with massive air time and it was going to be very hard to beat him. His final run was huge and he once again took the Gold!

Lastly I pay homage to a true legend of the X Games! At 42 years old, most of his peers have kids competing this days. However, Jamie Bestwick was not content with 11 X Games medals and with a run that can only be described as monumental to vert BMX, took the Gold once again!

So there you have it, the best Gold Medals from X Games 2014. Feedback from the event is that it was one of the best ever and I am certainly already looking at heading out there next year.

Bombing Cape Town Hills with Oliver Faile

This video opens with Oliver Faile bombing the infamous Kloof Neck road, made famous by another Cape skater setting off the speed camera. Oliver charges this dangerous hill at night and very fast. You also get to check him bombing the Glen, from the famous Red Bull DHX event and other hills around scenic Camps Bay. The Downhill scene in Cape Town is exploding again and it surely must only be a matter of time before we have a World Cup event back in town…

Insane BMX Street, Park and Dirt Contest – Red Bull Dirt Conquers 2014

Wow, this blows my mind. Seriously how insane is that park setup all made out of dirt with elements from park and street. Time for the boys here in SA to get serious and build this haha.

Some of BMX’s best riders gathered in Guadalajara for a competition that tested all of their skills – Red Bull Dirt Conquers. The unique setup combined BMX Park, Street, and Dirt features, pushing the riders to get creative and dig deep in their bag of tricks to string together some insane lines!

DC presents Nyjah Huston Fade to Black with Thrasher Magazine

Wanna know why this guy is considered the best street skater in the world? It is very simple, just watch this video and have your eyes blown wide. No hordes of other skaters screaming in the background, no pimp daddy I am the boss man attitude, just rock solid and utterly amazing skating to a great old track! Nyjah Huston is the Boss!

I am Thalente – A skate movie about Chance and Survival

I first met Thalente when he was just a kid. He was living on the beachfront streets of Durban and surviving barely. He had support from guys like Dallas Oberholzer and others, but it was tough for him. I took a bunch of Austrian Snowboarders and skaters up to Durban and they met the kid and were moved by his story. This then was the first overseas aid to come his way. You can see Chris Cab in the documentary teaser at Dallas’ Indigo Skate Camp. The guys from overseas, as the AMericans are now, were touched by his story, as well as his ferocious dedication to everything skateboarding. Tammy Smith became a large part of his life and its amazing what just her simple love and support have done for the guy. Make no mistake, Thalente has gone down some dark roads. Some were not of his choosing, some were. What never changed though was his talent for skateboarding and his love for riding. Ultimately it was the sport and life of a skater that not only gave him the hope he needed to rise from his circumstance, but to become one of the best skaters ever to come out of South Africa.

The documentary of his life is looking for crowd funding and support and I hope you guys will go out there and support it. I think it is a story that can carry huge impact into the first world and third. I also hope that the filmmakers stay true to the actual story, from his dreadful family story, to the bad choices he made and ultimately to the choices and aid that have helped him to go to America and become a success. More than that I hope his story can highlight the plight of the many other children walking the same path. I was at the North Beach skate park last weekend and there is a whole new generation of street kid finding escape in skateboarding. Sleeping in doorways, scrounging for food and survival and accepting gifts of boards to surf and skate and by doing so for just a moment each day, leaving their squalid and despicable circumstances to feel the joy of the ride. Thalente’s story is their story.

To support the film go HERE

Street Ski Mutiny with Sean Jordan

In 2013 — after 12 years of producing ski films — Stept Productions embarked on its largest film project to date. Stept is proud to release its newest feature: Mutiny. The film documents young, progressive skiers as they commence on a mission around the United States; using the biggest cities in the country as their playground, the Stept crew sacrifices their health as they continue to redefine street skiing.Now please enjoy Sean Jordan’s full Street segment.