Beyrick De Vries and Friends Tour Africa in “Higher Light”

Beyrick surfing close to home in South Africa. Image: Alan van Gysen

Its taken a while for Beyrick de Vries to premier

Beyrick de Vries comes across as a funny guy. Believe me, he is very, very funny. Just follow him on Instagram to find out for yourself. But, underneath the humour and laughs lies a very serious competitor and a perfectionist. Hence, it took a bit longer to get his signature film out than planned, because it had to be perfect.

Brendan Gibbens blasts away at a lip in Senegal. Image: Alan van Gysen

A serious cast of surfing talent

I was fortunate enough to be in the water at a few locations where the film was shot. Beyrick was a standout at every session.

Joining him in the varied African lineups was a tight crew of his friends, who all happen to be some serious rippers themselves. Brendon Gibbens is probably the most famous free surfer to ever come out of South Africa. Shane Sykes is one of the most talented of the younger generation, hailing from Salt Rock in Ballito. Then you have perennial charger, Dale Staples, in the mix.

All in all, a stacked lineup of South African surf talent.

Beyrick de Vries contemplating life as an African surfer in Senegal. Image: Alan van Gysen

Location, location, location – Beyrick de Vries chose well!

You cant have a good surf film without some dam good surf locations. Beyrick de Vries knows this, so for “Higher Light” he took the crew to some of Africa’s top wave destinations. The crystal clear waters of Mozambique, deadly tubes of Namibia and the fun, exotic destination of Senegal give the film a real African flavour. Then you add some thundering tubes on the East coast of South Africa and the frigid waters of the Cape and you have all the ingredients for an A grade film.

Watch the film, you will enjoy it!

The crew under the direction of, Steve Michelson and Monster Energy have put out an incredible film. So sit back and enjoy one of the best South African surf productions to date!

West Kegs – Wild Tubes on Africa’s West Coast

Davey Van Zyl finds some glorious West Kegs on the far West Coast of South Africa.

West Kegs are Best

With a large crew of SA’s top surfers up on the West Coast, I decided to take my video rig with for the Vans Surf Pro Classic at Lamberts Bay. We had some insane waves over the event and the forecast for the far reaches of the coast just after the event were looking magical.

We found a heaving beachbreak, easily overhead, but with shifty peaks, loads of current and some heavy, heavy sections. The boys tried hard to find the nugs though and were rewarded with some gaping Kegs.

This coastline has so many spots, especially when the NE and East winds blow. You just need to drive along the coast and look for the lip lines. Great accomodation is easy to find and the locals are always ready to help, or feed you incredible food. They are so happy to see people, they literally open up their doors. While some crowd and fight at the more well known spots, many score by simply going a little further.

Check out Davey van Zyl, Shane Sykes, Justin Sykes, Dale Staples, Calvin Goor and Brian Furcy getting their fill of heaving, West Kegs. All footage and the edit by myself.

Mr Price Pro Preview & Trials 2014 – #ActionUpdate

The bank at Ballito is great and we have seen some good waves leading into the Mr Price Pro. Check out the trials with Shane Sykes getting 2nd and Brandon Jackson winning, both getting wild cards into the main event. I chat to Beyrick de Vries and Nic von Rupp. Check back every day for a short highlights video and all the latest news and action from the event.

A Smorgasbord of South African Surfing

There has been a flurry of activity online this week with a couple of surfing edits dropping from some of South Africa’s top surfers. What better way to remind yourself how good the waves are at home and what quality surfers we have here, than by watching these videos with Josh Redman, Dylan Lightfoot, Slade Prestwhich, Shane Sykes, Dan Redman, Brandon Jackson and Ricky Basnett. Well done to the guys behind the cameras too, we need more footage infiltrating the world wide web.

Lethe from Film Co. on Vimeo.

WHAT GOES ON TOUR VOL.2 BOARDRIDERSTV from steven michelsen on Vimeo.

King of the Groms Video Contest – Shane Sykes

This kid first came to my attention last year, but it was earlier this year in East London where he really showed me some classy surfing. He has the whole package from power turns to big airs and coming from the Durban area will have no problems in the beachies of France for the Quiksilver King of the Groms. (Oh, did I not mention you need to vote for the kid here –,vote,261.en.html so he can represent SA at the comp in france!)

Shane Sykes – South Africa by kingofthegroms

Bunny Chowing – Surf tripping with Quiksilver SA & Taxed by Oil

Take a little jaunt down the coast from Durban and you will find plenty of lovely little surprises, from waves, to fishing spots and that infamous culinary wonder of the East coast, the Bunny Chow. Steve Michelson followed the Quiksilver crew of Davy Van Zyl, Michael Febuary, Shane Sykes, Brandon Jacko Jackson and Slade Prestwich for a little adventure…

Bunny Chowing’ from steven michelsen on Vimeo.