Could this be the best Right Point in the World?

Perfection Found

It all started with Mick Fanning and images of a long, perfect looking, right hand point. Then videos started popping up, the Spanish contingent put more footage up. Then  the debates started raging, where was this wave? Is it the same wave? No one is talking, yet…

Follow your heart

When Portuguese Surfers Anotonio Silva and Diogo d’Orey got some insider intel that a mysto and fickle right point was going to turn on, they pulled the trigger and went for it. Getting skunked is a real possibility when searching for new, perfect waves, but the rewards, as can be seen here, are very real!

Natural Footers Perfect Wave

For a number of years now, the goofy footers have had Namibia and now it finally looks like the natural footers dream wave exists too. Antonio and Diogo are not spilling the beans though, but I can guarentee that a mob of surfers are scanning google earth as we speak. Good luck and good fortune, I know I am definitely wanting to go find this one.

Watch the Video

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Take Home Memories

I film with the best surfers in the World and now you can benfit from my experience. Not only do you get to take away some clips of your surfing, to show off to your friends back home, but watching your surfing on video is the best way to improve your surfing. As a WSL commentator, I can give you valuable feedback and analysis of your surfing.

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