The Highlights Video you must watch! Red Bull Cape Fear 2016

I could go into a whole lot of expletives, rants about the WSL banning their surfers and of course the sometimes brilliant, sometimes absolutely terrible commentary, but what you really need to know is that a bunch of surfers charged some of the scariest slab ever witnessed in a competition and it was awesome!

An 18 year old took the win, see the cover picture, Russel Bierke showed up all the old chargers with a huge smile on his face. Watch the video, be amazed,

Red Bull Cape Fear Stomach-Turning Highlights from MSW on Vimeo.

Murderous waves at Puerto Escondido

Just moments after the WSL Big Wave Awards and the level stepped up again with a session that is quickly going to shake the conventions of big wave surfing. Captured below is one of the craziest waves ever caught, ridden and then absolutely murdered on by a surfer. How this guys survived I simply cant imagine.

Check out a gallery of more craziness from the day before here:

See video of Mark Healey’s incredible ride, the day before, below.

Mark Healey – Puerto Escondido 2015 from Jon Aspuru on Vimeo.

Belharra meets Hercules – Giant Waves Paddled

After all the claims about the biggest storm ever, biggest swells and the big wave boys over frothing, it turned out not that spectacular a monster swell for the guys. Twig says it was pretty difficult and bumpy with wind making things tricky. One of the biggest waves ever attempted, by paddling in, by Jamie Mitchell and some resounding rogue set clean ups make for spectacular footage though. The focus now swings back to Hawaii and a predicted swell for the Eddie…

Belharra meets Hercules from Vincent Kardasik on Vimeo.

Who is JOB 3.0 Ep3 – Surfing Jaws with Kai Lenny

Welcome to Season 3 Episode 3 in the world of Hawaiian Surf charger, Jamie O”Brien. In this episode Jamie gets his invite to the Red Bull Jaws, big wave event and decides if he is going to surf in the event he needs some training out in the heaviest line up on the planet. He heads over to Maui where he connects with big water Hellman, Kai Lenny, for his first assault on Jaws. Jamie does pretty good and he even goes switch…