Doonies3 – Monster Energy

Dirt Shark is back with the third edition of the Doonies, shot at the Glamis Dunes in California. The Monster Energy team arrive en masse for mayhem in the sand. Really think its time for us to do our own version right here in Cape Town!

With some new surprises, they brought the most outrageous Monster Energy Off-Road machinery imaginable – The Doonies journeyed back to the Glamis Sand Dunes of California to wreak havoc and go bigger then ever #DOONIES3

The Friday Mix – Jbay Open Doccy, Enduro Life and River Surfing

Welcome to your Friday Mix and we start with an epic short doccy on the Jbay Open of Surfing this week. It was a super fun week in Jbay, a great competition and a huge battle between the age groups. You might also notice a certain captain’s voice commentating in the background haha! Great to see Greg Emslie with the win in Jbay finally!

Next up we got some awesome Enduro for you in Fly Machines’ Directors Reel for 2013. Some epic terrain, bikes and action that will get you frothing to get out into the great outdoors on your dirt machine.

Lastly we finish up with some river surfing from the alps. My mate Chris Cab sent me this video of his mates surfing in the middle of nowhere in Austria. Just goes to show how hard we as surfers will work to get a surf session in. Guess a its true what they say, Only a surfer knows the feeling…

Jbay Open of Surfing Documentary 2013 from Silver Bullet Productions on Vimeo.

Director’s Reel 2013 – Moto from Flymachine Films on Vimeo.

Riversurfing in the Alps from Chris Cab on Vimeo.

The Golf Cart as it was always meant to be! – Extreme UTV

Ok, so its not technically a Golf Cart, but that is where the UTV’s original inspiration came from. A light vehicle for getting around areas without the hassle of a full truck. The gents at UTV Underground have now taken this “toy” to the next level! They custom built their dream machine, handed it into the hands of professional driver, RJ Anderson and got the team from the Gymkhana series to film it. Bottom line, this is my kinda golf cart!