Olas Bellas – Alana Blanchard & Leila Hurst surf Mexico

What better way to slide into the weekend than to watch two beautiful surfers in perfect, fun, warm water right handers! Alana Blanchard and Leila Hurst surf Salina Cruz, Mexico, all to themselves and the camera crew. How fun do these wave setups look? Add two gorgeous gals in bikinis and I could hang there all day.

Free Surf Film – Vans Presents, Get-N-Classic Vol 3

We all love free! Vans were one of the first brands in surf to realize the power of organic, viral distribution for marketing when they started putting out free films a few years back. Everyone loves a free surf flick to amp up too! So enjoy this one…

Vans embarks on an incredible journey of global surf exploration and progressive surfing in Get-N Classic, Vol. 3, starring a multi-talented cast of the world’s best surfers ever assembled under one banner. Filmed on location in Hawaii, California, Scotland, Peru, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia and the Caribbean, Get-N Classic, Vol. 3 reveals history in the making, featuring breathtaking destinations and phenomenal once in a lifetime waves. With a variety of talent exemplified by multiple generations of surfers including Nathan Fletcher, Joel Tudor, Dane Reynolds, the Gudauskas’ brothers, Nathan Florence, Leila Hurst and more, the third installment of Vans’ Get-N Classic series provides a unique documentarian perspective of the Vans Surf team and their exclusive surf discoveries from around the world.

Alana Blanchard Training and then Surfing with Kelly SLater

Everyone’s favorite Pro Surfer and Bikini Ambassador is back. This time round she is training on the North Shore with Kahea Hart, Alana and Leila Hurst head to Haleiwa Beach Park to surf the world-class wave near the entrance to Haleiwa harbor. Alana encounters a crowded line-up at Haleiwa full of top pro male surfers and 11-time World Champion Kelly Slater, who inspires her to take her surfing to the next level. I am sure she inspires Kelly to!