The ballad of Ricky Basnett – No Regrets Trailer

Anyone who has spent time with surfer, Ricky Basnett, knows that first off he rips with reckless abandon, much like he lives life. Secondly you know that you will never be bored in his presence, especially when he is obsessing with Puns and word games like he often does. Thirdly, you know deep down that he was better, much better, than his results on the World Tour could ever reflect on his surfing. Many speculated, but Ricky chose to come out and let the world know his story, with the help of film maker, Jason Hearn, that he almost threw his life away on the booze and it was surfing that saved him. He is now sober, focused and wanting to show the world what they missed when he was on tour. With the release of the trailer for, No regrets, I thought it was a good time to have a chat with the enigmatic man about life, past and future…

Firstly, its great to see you so pumped on surfing again and charging dude.
Lets get it over with, booze, drugs nihilism – you had your slice, now you sober. What happened?
Ja I definitely had my fair share of fun over the years, but there comes a time when it stops being a jol, it just becomes repetetive bullshit. It’s a tough cycle to break out of, and it really messes with your head, I almost lost everything I had near the end.

How did all the above effect your life outside surfing?
My life was a mess, I was pretty much a functioning alcoholic, but it was a really good lesson for me, it got me where I am now and I’m loving it!

When you were a grom, you dominated, even Jordy Smith was scared of getting you in a heat. How did that effect your mind set going onto the tour?
My junior career went really well, and I was confident going into the CT, but I soon realised it wasn’t all that I though it was. I don’t really want to talk shit about the tour, but it just wasn’t for me.

Does it play on your mind that you finished dead last on the World Tour? The dreaded 33rd back then.
Doesn’t bother me at all, I’m a record holder hahahha!

If you could go back on tour, would you want to? Do you feel like you could be a World Champion?
I would never go back on tour, it just isn’t what surfing is about for me these days. I just want to explore Africa, find new waves and shred till I’m dead haha…

What are your goals moving forward?
My goal at the moment is to carpe the fuck out of every diem I get!

Tell us about your love of food and making it? Apparently you make a boss burger… In line with the new you, are you eating healthier too?
Ja cooking and food is another passion of mine for sure. I had a little gourmet burger pop up for a while, it was such a jol! I guess cooking is similar to surfing for me, it kinda keeps you in the moment, therapy for me! I like to eat pretty healthy shit, but I’m not going turn my nose up at a fat greasy take away if you put it in front of me either haha!

How did the film project, “No regrets” come about? Do you have a point to prove?
Jason called me up one day with the idea for the film, I was pretty fucking nervous before we started shooting, I hadn’t done anything for so long that I doubted heavily if I could still perform! But I think it turned out pretty cool, I owe Jason huge for believing in me and making this thing happen. Theres no point for me to prove to anyone, I’m just loving going surfing everyday, fuck yeah!

Surf trip anywhere with anyone – where and who is coming?
Road trip from Mozam to CT, pull in!

Thanks Dude. I for one cannot wait to see the finished project!

Check out the trailer for “No regrets” below.

No Regrets Trailer from Jason Hearn on Vimeo.

RIP Glen Dell

I have always been fascinated by flying and especially the type of flying that Glen Dell was best at. To watch the man fly was an inspiration. To meet him was to meet a gentleman, a patriot and one of the most out on the edge men in the world. To be able to go and fly with Glen was right on top of my bucket list and unfortunately for myself and I am sure many more of his fans, that day will never come. We always talk about how we who live on the edge and push the boundaries of what is possible also put ourselves in danger, but I don’t think Glen would have considered what he did dangerous. I think he would have called what he did life!

You were one of my heros Glen and I salute you!

RIP Glen Dell – 1962-2013

The Friday Mix – McKonkey Movie, Storm Chasers, North Shore Surfing & MX Pinup

It’s time for your Friday Action Sports pickup with the Friday Mix. First up this week we take a look at a trailer for a new Red Bull movie, Mckonkey. “McConkey,” a feature-length documentary to be released in 2013. It is a heartfelt examination of the legacy one athlete left to the progression of his sports, and the path he paved to conquer his dreams.He was pretty mad!

Next we head off to Ireland and the Red Bull Storm Chasers, where ten of the best Windsurfers battle both the elements and themselves to make it to the next Storm and venue. Sailors from eight countries completed a demanding competition in Kerry, during the first mission of the Red Bull Storm Chase – the most-challenging windsurfing contest of all time.

What happened to Timmy Reyes you may have wondered? Well, he still surfs and spends his time travelling for O”Neill finding perfect waves and getting the shots. Join him over his last mission to firing North Shore in Hawaii.

We finish off with one for the boys. What is not love about MX bikes and girls…