Axell Hodges – Deserted with Monster Energy

Happy New Year with Axell Hodges

What better way to start 2019 than with the latest dirt fest with Axell Hodges. Slay Hodges and friends head to Ocotillo Wells during a brutal winter storm and tear it up on their desert toys – aka DESERTED.

Monster Energy take Axell and his team of nutters deep into the dirt, where he charges as per usual.

Massive Jumps

In a place where most are sticking to the small jumps, Axell goes large. One particular jump is over 90ft and he manages to smash both his rims. Twitch cant believe this as he broke his leg at Ocotillo the last time he rode there. Axell just laughs it off. There are also a couple of great whips by the king of the move.

Enjoy the video!

Monster Energy always bring the MX heat, so here is your first video of 2019, Deserted with Axell Hodges. I hope you enjoy it!

Radical Snowmobile Action – crazy footage to a great track

I guess snowmobile is quite the exotic past time to us South Africans. We simply just have no comprehension of what it is about. Watching this edit makes me wanna try it though. Incredible footage, marvellous edit and a great track. Pretty sure you will really enjoy watching it.

The four time Sledfilm Festival winner, for Best Snowmobile Motion Picture, is back with a high-octane thrill ride. Volume 10 is the milestone tenth film in our award winning, backcountry, snowmobile series. Featuring the industry’s top athletes including Chris Burandt, Brett Turcotte, Dan Adams, Cory Davis, Sahen Skinner, Ross Robinson, Joey Junker, Cody Borchers, Jay Mentaberry, Reagan Sieg, Dave McClure, Rob Kincaid, Riley Suhan, David Sharp Jr. and many more! Filmed in majestic backcountry locations across the United States and Canada, Volume 10 is unquestionably our best snowmobile film to date.

Filmed by: Michael Reeve & Stephen Clark
Edited by: Michael Reeve
Trailer Song: “Jail Break” by Awolnation

AMA Supercross West Round 2 Phoenix

So early in the year and we already have seen Round 2 of the Monster Energy AMA Supercross go down at Chase Field, in Phoenix. Off the back of a mediocre performance in Round 1 it was Number 17, Cooper Webb, leading 11 of the 15 laps, to take the win in the 250sx class for his first win. Number 34, Malcolm Stewart led 4 laps but could not keep up with Cooper and finished second. There were also some solid battles further back in the field and a crazy start. In the 450sx class there was a titanic battle up front between Number 3, Eli Tomac and Number 94 Ken Roczen. Eli led 17 of the 20 laps, but Ken was right there for most of the race. Eli Tomac with the best qualifying time, the hole shot and then he pulled away from Roczen for his first win in the premier class. Check out the race highlights…

Supercross Africa with the Monster Girls

Wow, what an event. Seriously brought home to me why Supercross is the best racing to watch. You get the whole track perspective, instead of just a part of the course, you see tight and fast racing, massive crashes, big jumps and loads of extras like an FMX show featuring Bilko and of course the gorgeous Monster Girls. I was lucky enough to experience the event on the ground, behind the scenes, on track and alongside the gals. Here is my video of the experience.

Get online and make noise, as it looks good for 2 Supercross Africa events next year and you want them in your city!

Big thanks to Wohza (GoPro Africa) and Monster Energy for the assistance.

MX Dune Mayhem with Darryn Durham & Caleb Tennant

In the build up to this weekend’s, Supercross Africa, at Loftus, I got to go hang with Darryn Durham and Caleb Tennant, in the Atlantis Dunes on Sunday. We had 4×4’s, bikes, cold beers, boerie rolls and an insane view of Cape Town and Table Mountain. The boys were killing it and I may have gotten too close for a couple of shots. So sit back and enjoy the action, while getting your froth on for Supercross on Saturday!

2013 Oakley Pro Bali Preview

Most people when talking about this event have mentioned 2 words, airs and tubes. But take one look at the photo of Jordy Smith above and just let it sink is a little – the Oakley Pro Bali at Keramas could well be won by big monster turns! So lets look at who the favorites are…

Kelly Slater sits atop his number 1 throne once again after Cloudbreak and lets be honest, he is always going to be a threat in perfect right handers. Not much more needs to be said on this one.

Taj, Mick and Joel are all threats. They have surfed these waves in bali for years and they all have lethal forehand attacks made for perfect tube to wall right handers.

Jordy Smith has slowly been building momentum, doing the biggest turns on tour and with plenty time in the water in Bali over the years he is my number 1 pick. He has it all from the tube, to the air to the gouge! Make no mistake, no one on tour wants Jordy in their heat at this one. He has the eye of the tiger at the moment, is super relaxed and you can see how much he wants to win.

John John, Gabriel Medina, Kerr and Julian Wilson are all good picks, as is Adreano if you can stomach that style of his on a perfect canvas. I watched some warm up surfs online and it is not pretty. The underdogs to keep an eye on will definitely be Kohole Andino, who has plenty contest experience at Keramas and has been slowly getting better each event this year. Dusty Payne has alot of time in at Keramas, just search online for footage, and lets be honest its about time he did something on tour. Sebastien Ziets is going to rip it and Nat Young always looks so good on the backhand, he could go really far. Lastly, keep an eye on Travis Logie – no joke, that backhand snap of his could go to town out at 4ft Keramas! (Oh and Yadin, he rips this kind of wave.)

All in, this should prove to be one hell of a contest!