Record Breaking Jaws Surf – 4k Video

On Friday the game was changed at Jaws with one of the biggest and most perfect swells ever ridden in surfing. A huge crowd of chargers took it on, with a solid crew of Safa chargers, like Josh Redman in the mix. (Check him in the video.) Aaron Gold from the North Shore is being credited with possibly the biggest wave ever paddled into. Below is the video, with no music, which is actually super rad as you get a feel for what it is like up on the cliff watching live.

Peahi Paddle Session 2016 SONY 4K, Aaron Gold Paddles Into Biggest Wave Ever Paddled Into @ Peahi. Shane Dorian & Ian Walsh Were Also Stand Outs.

Who is JOB 3.0 Ep3 – Surfing Jaws with Kai Lenny

Welcome to Season 3 Episode 3 in the world of Hawaiian Surf charger, Jamie O”Brien. In this episode Jamie gets his invite to the Red Bull Jaws, big wave event and decides if he is going to surf in the event he needs some training out in the heaviest line up on the planet. He heads over to Maui where he connects with big water Hellman, Kai Lenny, for his first assault on Jaws. Jamie does pretty good and he even goes switch…