Lets be Frank – A surf Movie with a twist…

I have known Frank Solomon a long time. He is a good gent, the ladies love him and he is really, not scared at all, of massive, scary waves! So I am stoked that his new feature, with the team at Red Bull Media House, is launching this month and I am even more stoked I get to go watch the premier. This guy hangs out with the likes of John John Florence, Jamie O”Brien and Ben harper, so you can be sure of some serious surf action, great music and even comedy and laughs thanks to guys like Cokey Falkow and all Frank’s mates. Check out the trailer and remember you can win tickets to the Cape Town premier, see below!

Let’s Be Frank is a visceral journey through the unseen and unknown world of big wave surf adventurer Frank James Solomon, an intercontinental clandestine investigation blurring the lines between myth, legend and reality – leading to the question… Just who is Frank?

Let’s Be Frank Premiere’s early September. Check out our tour dates below to see if we stop in your town!

LA – The Port Theater – 1st September
Cape Town – Labia Theatre – 9th September
Durban – The Barnyard Theatre – 11th September
London – Curzon Soho – 15th September

Remember you can win tickets to the Cape Town premier with Red Bull South Africa! Find Frank Solomon in Cape Town, take a picture with him and tag #WHOISFRANK.

You can catch the global premiere of Let’s Be Frank on September 19th online at Red Bull TV : http://win.gs/WatchRBTV


From Flawless to Ridiculous – Volcom Pipe Pro 2016 Final Day

“Are you kidding me!” was the phrase of choice for the commentators on the final day of the Volcom Pipe Pro. After utter perfection the day before, Pipe and Backdoor were a little meaner and bigger on finals day, but there were some ridiculous performances from the likes of Jamie O’Brien, Bruce Irons, Makai McNamara and of course the winner, Kelly Slater. (All 4 made the final). Jamie’s one wave at Pipeline had Kelly quoted as saying it was the best Pipe wave he had ever seen. So sit back and watch the show…

Volcom Pipe Pro Official Results
Shown in order of 1st through 4th. Surfers from Hawaii unless otherwise noted.
1st – Kelly Slater (USA) $16,000 and 3000 pts
2nd – Jamie O’Brien (HAW) $10,000 and 2250 pts
3rd – Makai McNamara (HAW) $4,750 and 1680 pts
4th – Bruce Irons (HAW) $4,250 and 1580 pts

Todd Chesser Hard Charger Award – Bruce Irons

Who is JOB 5.0 Premier – Best surf web show is back!

Returning for a fifth season, the highly successful web series Who Is JOB kicks off with a heavy dose of epic Pipeline barrels featuring none other than North Shore Hawaii local Jamie O’Brien and his supporting cast of friends and misfits. In the season premiere, the boys take it to the next level on the “SUPsquatch”, catching XXL size bombs at Sunset Beach and Makaha on the oversized stand-up paddle board. You won’t believe your eyes once you see what they’re up to this time around.

Stay tuned for more fun with Jamie O’Brien in Ep. 2, dropping on Friday, May 29th.

Oakley Wave of the Winter 2015 Movie

Every winter on the North Shore, Surfline run the “wave of the winter” contest. Through video submission, surfers enter their best waves surfed along the North Shore over the winter for a $25’000 first prize. This season saw some crazy entries, but it was Mason Ho and Jamie O’Brien who fought it out for first place, both with crazy waves at Pipeline. Check out what happened…

Pumping Kegs at Red Bull Cape Fear 2014

On the very last day of the official waiting period the wave came to life to make an event two-years-in-the-making possible. And while the surfing gods didn’t offer up the 10—12 monsters competitors and event organisers anticipated, there was no shortage of barrels or wipe-outs.

Ryan Hipwood and Jamie O’Brien are two renowned tube trackers who faced off for the first ever Red Bull Cape Fear battle and they didn’t disappoint. Both surfers powered through dredging deep tubes, but it was Hipwood who snared the longer, deeper tube and scored the nod from the judges, the prestigious Battle win and the award for Best Barrel of the day.

“This event has been a massive roller coaster ride,” said Ryan Hipwood. “I’ve been planning on doing something like this for six or seven years and for it now to be finish is a massive weight off my shoulders. I’m really stoked with the event and that all these international surfers came. Hopefully this is the beginning of a lot of exciting events to come.”

Battle 2 with Mark Mathews (AUS) defeating Shane Dorian (HAW) was the battle of the event. Dorian is one of surfing’s journeymen after going from chasing the World Tour alongside Kelly Slater, to now spending his days catching the world’s biggest and deadliest waves. Mathews is the brains behind Red Bull Cape Fear and Australia’s most renowned big wave surfer — the stage was set for a clash of the titans. Both surfers found similar scoring rides and the heat had them finishing within fractions of a point and it was the Cape Fear’s own Mark Mathews that took the narrow win.

“This has been a day I’ll never forget, I got to surf at one of my favourite spots, against who I believe is the greatest big wave surfer of all time — Shane Dorian.” said Mark Mathews. “I’m really happy with this event, the surf is not big enough to tow, but still one of the best days of the year out there and everyone has been going for it.”

Eight winners were crowned from their respective one-on-one bouts, with locals Laurie Towner, Richie Vaculik, Kirk Flintoff, Koby Abberton and Jesse Polock also claiming victories. An untouchable Dean Morrison rounded out the winners’ list to ensure an Australian clean-sweep against their US and Hawaiian counterparts.

Who is JOB 4.0 – Towing Waimea Shorebreak, Puddle Surfing & River Surfing

It has been a while since I posted an episode of Who is JOB. This one definitely deserves it with Jamie O’Brien and the boys showing how they have fun when there are no waves o the North Shore and the rains come. First up they find massive puddles to winch while being sprayed by 4×4’s, then its off to make a standing wave at the Waimea River, followed by hot bikini girls and mental shorebreak action at Waimea. All in all not a bad way to stay occupied in the wet season…

Pipeline Thunders

Welcome to the North Shore! Last Friday while the Qualifying Tour boys were throwing themselves into monsters at Sunset, the rest of the North SHore were either charging, getting hammered or watching Pipeline put on a proper show. 3rd Reef closeouts, people getting run over and of course John John Florence taming the beast. Some really nervous looking chaps waiting to paddle out on the beach too, haha. Just hope the Pipe Competition gets waves like this.

‘Black Friday’ Banzai Pipeline from Owen Milne on Vimeo.

Who is JOB 3.0 – Season Premiere

Brace yourselves! Jamie O’Brien is back with his web series, Who is JOB and it looks like the boys from the North Shore are going even more mental in 2013. Poops, Jamie’s dad and the rest of the crazy crew are back, with some new additions all backed up by Jamie’s jaw dropping surfing. In the season premiere the boys buy a Limo, head over to California and surf a little at home on the Shore. Enjoy the show…