Jetman Dubai – Young Feathers – Best thing I have ever seen!

This is seriously the best thing I have ever seen! Since I was a boy I have dreamt what it would be like to fly free like a bird of prey and these guys are about as close to that feeling as you will ever get. I had goosebumps the entire time I was watching. So if anyone out there wants to make my dreams come true, sort me out with these guys so i can go fly free at high speeds above the desert sands.

We mark a new milestone in the chapter of human flight. Join Jetman, Yves Rossy, and his protege, Jetman Vince Reffet as they explore the limits in the city of dreams.

“The real dream is to be completely free”

How did he make it – Benny Richardson at Shipstern Bluff

I have watched this over and over and cannot fathom how he made this wave! Absolutely incredible.

Benny Richardson (Clifton Beach, Tasmania) retains his composure through a madly distorting slab of a barrel and escapes the maelstrom at Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania, Australia on April 4, 2014. Video by Tim Bonython from the Australian Surf Film Festival. An entry in the Billabong Ride of the Year category of the 2015 XXL Big Wave Awards. For more information see

Upsets, Tears and Goofy Footed Domination at the Jbay Pro Day 3

Just look at the bemused smile on CJ Hobgood’s face after knocking out the favorite, Jordy Smith. CJ must have been wondering how he did it, but I can tell you how, he stuck to the gameplan. Jordy wanted to impress his home crowd so much he tried too hard and ultimately it hurt him. Going for the massive layback snap and going down, all he had to do was 3 more average turns and he would have got the middling 6 points he was after. The crowd sighed in disbelief and CJ was left smiling on the beach wondering how he pulled off such an incredible win against the odds.

Another Goofy who put it to the odds was in form surfer, Matt Wilko, not only beating Kelly Slater in their Round 3 match up, but putting the King in combo land. I don’t think many people called that one. Josh Kerr, Taj Burrows, Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson stuck to the Jbay script and dominated their encounters. One more upset was on the cards though, as Alejo Muniz took out World Number 2, Michel Bourez.

There was great surfing and we are now ready for Round 5 and the final day of surfing. Hopefully the swell forecasted for the weekend arrives.

Mental Mountain Bike in Valparaíso with Red Bull

Everyone’s favorite mental mountain bike competition went down once again in the streets of Valparaíso. With riders competing down the narrow streets and alleys, avoiding people, dogs and scary obstacles, this has got to be one of the most unique action sport events on the planet.

The 12th year of Downhill urban mountain biking returns to Valparaíso´s hills. Streets, stairs and natural obstacles will challenge the riders in one of the most famous MTB DH competition of the world.



The bar raised in MTB – Kyle Strait’s 1st place run at Red Bull Rampage 2013

Ok crew, I am back from my manic 2 week stint working through SE Asia and of course a break from the blog. I start big again, with the most incredible Red Bull Rampage run of all time! Well of course it was, because it won Rampage 2013.
Pedal over to for more action.
Kyle Strait’s killer run at Red Bull Rampage made him the winner of Red Bull Rampage and the only rider to win the competition more than once.

Dan Redman throws Buckets!

His friends often rip him off about being fat. This is in fact simply due to their jealousy in regards to the amount of water Dan displaces every time he does a turn. He still regularly pitches up at contests at home in South Africa and gives the groms and youth a reminder of what power surfing is all about and how it easily wins these comps. He still launches crazy airs with ease. In fact even though he told me the other day he is now an old man, it does not really show in his surfing…

Dan Redman from Mathew Gardner on Vimeo.