Distance Between Dreams – New Ian Walsh Film

I met Ian Walsh a few years back in Cape Town. He was out for the Dungeons event and ended up on a few missions with myself and the local crew. He struck me as such a nice guy, very relaxed and always keen for a good time. In the interim, he has become one of the leading big wave chargers and on the mega swells at jaws, he is always a standout. I can wait to see his film!

In Distance Between Dreams, the most historic year in big wave surfing comes to life through the eyes of iconic surfer, Ian Walsh, as he sets mind and body in motion to redefine the upper limits of what’s considered ‘rideable.’ With massive El Niño powered swells building across the Pacific, Ian, Shaun, D.K. and Luke Walsh band together in a way that only brothers can to progress surfing to unimaginable heights.

Coming December 2016. http://DistanceBetweenDreams.com

Ian Walsh
Shane Dorian
John John Florence
Greg Long
DK Walsh, Shaun Walsh & Luke Walsh

A Film By: Rob Bruce

Record Breaking Jaws Surf – 4k Video

On Friday the game was changed at Jaws with one of the biggest and most perfect swells ever ridden in surfing. A huge crowd of chargers took it on, with a solid crew of Safa chargers, like Josh Redman in the mix. (Check him in the video.) Aaron Gold from the North Shore is being credited with possibly the biggest wave ever paddled into. Below is the video, with no music, which is actually super rad as you get a feel for what it is like up on the cliff watching live.

Peahi Paddle Session 2016 SONY 4K, Aaron Gold Paddles Into Biggest Wave Ever Paddled Into @ Peahi. Shane Dorian & Ian Walsh Were Also Stand Outs. http://www.facebook.com/PureDigitalMedia

Ghost Wave – West Coast perfection with Twig and Frank Solomon

Ok, so the video is actually an Ian Walsh project, but to be fair, Grant Twig Baker and Frank Solomon, the South African chargers, are rather prominent. The video was shot by surf cinematographer, star, Taylor Steele, and funded by Hullet Packard, hence the Hollywood feel. The boys charge some rather perfect looking, but extremely heavy waves up the West Coast.

Big Wave Paddle – Season opener at Jaws, November 13, 2013

I am just going to come out and say it. The boys have decided they don’t care if they die. You may feel this is a harsh or sensationalist statement, but its the honest truth. There is no way any human with the built in preservation mechanisms all humans have would willingly surf these waves by paddling. Just look at some of the hidings Shane Dorian takes before he even gets a wave. It should scare the living hell out of you! This was just the first swell of a very long winter in Hawaii and there are the nutters in California too. The big wave crew have got a bee in their bonnets and this madness is not going to stop until someone paddles the biggest wave ever surfed (Thats right, these guys no longer want that wave to be towed, the want to paddle it, even if they have not realised it themselves). Expect to see the world of big wave performance put on its head this next 6 months. All I can say to my mates out there like Grant Twig baker, Greg Long, Ian Walsh, Frank Solomon, Josh Redman and Albie Layer, charge hard, blow minds, but please come back for cold beers afterwards!

PILLOWS of ROCK from ACL Digital Cinema on Vimeo.