The Friday Mix – Great White encounter spearfishing, Real Snow Backcountry & Chippa Wilson Surfs

Welcome to your Friday mix and while interest is on new wetsuits to deter sharks, check out this close encounter with a 5m Great White off of Port Elizabeth. I ran a video last year of Eugene van Wyngaardt fending off a 3m Shark. Seems he decided to have an encounter with a bigger one. You can actually see the spear point pushing in her skin as he fends her off. Scary stuff!

Next up its almost time for Xgames LA and this year they have a new Real Snow contest. Check out the Real Snow Backcountry competition teaser with some of the world’s best big mountain destroyers! Then get online and watch and vote for your favorite!

Lastly check out the latest offering from free surfing phenomenon, Chippa Wilson. Some serious steez on this kid.

Enjoy your weekend!