The big man is back! Jordy Smith rips Durban & Mozambique

2015 is a year Jordy Smith will want to wipe from the memory banks, with recurring injuries and a less than stellar year on tour. Coming home to SA for the holidays he finally got over his injuries, scored some epic waves at home and managed to sneak a quick trip over the border to Mozambique. He says he is feeling great, hungry for victory and ready to assault the World Tour in 2016, as he got the injury wildcard. Watching this video, I find it hard to doubt, especially when the first stop on tour on the Gold Coast resembles the waves he is busy destroying right here. So watch this and I almost guarantee he is going to make a quick appearance in your Fantasy team.

Go Jordy!

Jordy Smith in Mozambique and Durban from Jordy Smith on Vimeo.

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Preview 2014

I have to admit it, I am having a shocker on Fantasy Surfer so far this year. The really funny thing, is that I have not being going with my own advice and picks in these previews and of course I have been getting it right. So, for Bells I am going with my gut and this here preview.

First off, congrats to the Spartan! Michel Bourez deserves an ASP win and I even reckon he could be a World Champ! He kicked ass in West Oz with his patented forehand power hacks and heading for Bells Beach he must be one of the favorites for the event win. The man is on a roll! Another guy picking up momentum and showing some serious power in the West, was Jordy Smith. He had a shocker at Snapper, but in West Oz he was looking his mature best and you know he loves Bells. Huge power carves and a big air game will make the Saffa powerhouse a danger man. Making the finals last year and in my opinion unlucky to lose, was Nat Young. The guys backhand was crafted by the big guy in the sky for perfect right hand points and Bells will be happy to see him. The duo of Taj Burrows and Josh Kerr, both looking solid so far this year will also be worth looking at if you don’t want to splash out on your Fantasy Budget on Mick, Joel or Kelly.

In the lower tiers you might want to keep an eye on Bede Durbidge, who came out of nowhere in West Oz to make a run to the Semis. I got to say I like Travis Logie if the waves are small at Bells and you know Toledo will be a danger man for sure. Keep an eye on the wildcard from bells, Cahill Bell-Warren, who put in some big scores to win the trials.

As with any event you don’t want to ignore Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning or Joel Parkinson. That would be simply foolish…

If you wondering why you are not seeing the ASP teaser video below, its because the “New” ASP dont want to share their content with us mere mortals who blog their tour and thus you get a great video from Rip Curl instead.

Hurley Pro Trestles Preview 2013

Roll right up the Circus is about to start! Trestles has to be one of the best platforms on the planet for Pro Surfing and its also at the crux of the turning point for the year on the ratings. You just know their are going to be huge performances, massive upsets and incredible shockers from the judges… Yip, I said it. Trestles has also seen some of the worst decisions by the judging panel in recent World Tour history. Remember that heat between Jordy Smith and Joel Parkinson? Jordy was pretty diplomatic about it, but the surf fans were not!

Talking about Joel and Jordy, these 2 guys have to be the high on the list of favorites for the win. Both surf the long peeling right handers like magicians and both are focussed on Kelly Slater and the World Title. If Jordy is surfing like he has been in the free surfs leading up to the event though, I don’t think anyone will beat him (The judges also have the spectre of “That” result in the back of their minds which may work to Jordy’s advantage.) Kelly Slater is the man in the number 1 vest though and no mere mortal will unseat the king at the venue where he has pretty much made his name! He was showing chinks at Teahupoo though and he may finally be feeling his age…

Julian Wilson has found his rhythm again and will definitely be a good call for Trestles on your Fantasy team. Just check the photo above and realise how dangerous he can be out there. Also expect to see the Brazzas make a firm statement at Trestles. Medina, Pupo, Da Souza, Muniz and the young gun, Felipe Toledo will all be danger men at Trestles. These guys have the punts, they have previous wins at the cobblestone point and right now they need results!

My dark horse call for Trestles, Michel Bourez. He just fell short at Keramas and will be just as devastating on the right walls at Trestles! The Spartan could seriously upset the cart. Oh and lets not forget Mick Fanning and John John Florence. So good luck picking your team people, this one is wide open and if the waves deliver we could see some of the best surfing seen in competition. Think John John’s air in Bali and the ultimate dark horse, Dane Reynolds’ turn at Haleiwa last year! I am amped…

Wow, Dane is back. I am giddy with excitement.