Fox SurferCross 2015 – Dylan Lightfoot and Bilko take the win in California

We used to have this event in South Africa and it was pretty dam cool. So stoked a South African took the win in the US version recently. Dylan Lightfoot made the semi finals at the Vans US Open and then took it a little further with his team mate, Fmx wildman, Bilko, to take the win at SurferCross.

Every year some of the best motocross and surf athletes gather together for Surfercross. This year marked the 15th consecutive year for Surfercross, with a heavy combination of Pro and Industry riders alike. In the pro class, each pro surfer was randomly paired with a pro mx rider, while the industry class was a random mix of desk jockeys. We took over the MX track at Milestone the first day, then hit the surf at Trail 6 in San Clemente the following day. Surfercross is just about the perfect amount of dirt and surf. This event brings together some of the most talented athletes across two industries, into one very unique contest.

Billabong Junior Series fires on Day 1 in Jbay 2015

To be honest I was a little bleak we were on at the same time as the Jbay Open yesterday, but that feeling dissipated real fast as the Under 16 and Junior Boys heats took to the water at Magnatubes in Jbay and the level of surfing went through the roof! Top junior surfers like Matti Mcgilivray and Dylan Lightfoot battled with international super juniors like Seth Moniz and Griffin Colapinto. Matti landing a hail mary air in his quarter final to get a 10 point ride and Griffin getting the first perfect 10 of the event in his Round 1 heat. Check out the video and be impressed! Seriously I reckon you would have been more entertained at the Junior event than at the main event at Supertubes.

Jordy Smith schools the Pro Tour on Day 1 at the Jbay Open

Thats right, Jordy Smith schooled the pro tour! Two high 9’s in 4 minutes, then snapped a leash and did the run around, while the poor goofy footers in his heat anxiously tried to compete while in combo land. Jordy popped back into the lineup and promptly caught the wave of the day, absolutely destroyed it and got a perfect 10. He clearly wants to defend his title at Jbay.

Other standouts living in Jordy’s rather large shadow, were Josh Kerr ripping and pulling the first Kerupt Flip at Jbay, Kai Otton with one of the best tubes of the day taking out Parko and Mick Fanning. Local wildcard, Dylan Lightfoot surfed super well against Kelly Slater in Round 1 and Gabriel Medina in Round 2. He did not get through, but certainly did not embarrass himself either. The experience of surfing against these guys will have been an invaluable learning experience for the young man.

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RVCA JBU Super Trials 2014 Highlights

The RVCA JBU Super Trials were held last week in pretty fun looking and hollow Supertubes. With the winner getting a slot in the WCT Jbay Open, the game was on, between a great mix of old and young SA surf stars. Last years Jbay Open, which saw a great mix of old and young saw the old boys keep the grom challenge down, but this year was to be the year of the kids, with the whole final being under the age of 22. Local kid, Dylan Lightfoot ended up with the win and will now see his dream of competing against his heros at his home break come true. I will be covering the event and will keep you posted on how the local kid does.

A Smorgasbord of South African Surfing

There has been a flurry of activity online this week with a couple of surfing edits dropping from some of South Africa’s top surfers. What better way to remind yourself how good the waves are at home and what quality surfers we have here, than by watching these videos with Josh Redman, Dylan Lightfoot, Slade Prestwhich, Shane Sykes, Dan Redman, Brandon Jackson and Ricky Basnett. Well done to the guys behind the cameras too, we need more footage infiltrating the world wide web.

Lethe from Film Co. on Vimeo.

WHAT GOES ON TOUR VOL.2 BOARDRIDERSTV from steven michelsen on Vimeo.

The Friday Mix – Jbay Open Doccy, Enduro Life and River Surfing

Welcome to your Friday Mix and we start with an epic short doccy on the Jbay Open of Surfing this week. It was a super fun week in Jbay, a great competition and a huge battle between the age groups. You might also notice a certain captain’s voice commentating in the background haha! Great to see Greg Emslie with the win in Jbay finally!

Next up we got some awesome Enduro for you in Fly Machines’ Directors Reel for 2013. Some epic terrain, bikes and action that will get you frothing to get out into the great outdoors on your dirt machine.

Lastly we finish up with some river surfing from the alps. My mate Chris Cab sent me this video of his mates surfing in the middle of nowhere in Austria. Just goes to show how hard we as surfers will work to get a surf session in. Guess a its true what they say, Only a surfer knows the feeling…

Jbay Open of Surfing Documentary 2013 from Silver Bullet Productions on Vimeo.

Director’s Reel 2013 – Moto from Flymachine Films on Vimeo.

Riversurfing in the Alps from Chris Cab on Vimeo.

Jbay Open of Surfing Review

The main overpowering sentiment at the Jbay Open of Surfing has been one of reunion and local love. Sure, we have Occy in the mix, but he is definitely on the chilled vibes and with his new Dreadlocked locks has been renamed “Rasta Occ”. The biggest smiles are on all the South African faces, from 60 year old, Gavin Rudolph to 12 year old, Kai Woolf, in the ladies. The “Cream” of SA surfing have been in town since last Monday and its been like one of those old family reunions in the movies. Hugs, high fives and “How you beens?” have been resounding down the Supertubes boardwalks. Beers have been flowing down gullets and stories of the old days have been gushing out of all and sundry. This is definitely an event that needs to continue even if the World Tour comes back!
Lets not forget the waves, which on Day 1 surprised everyone with a full day of surfing and as Occy said, the surfing was of a seriously high standard. Over the next 4 days we had bursts of heats as the contest made use of tides and winds to get to the finals. In the end it was that wily competitor and World MAsters Champion, Greg Emslie, who took the R30’000 winners cheque in the Mens from Brandon Jackson, Slade Prestwhich (See picture by Matty Rex Hodge above) and Dylan Lightfoot. In the Ladies it was Nikita Robb winning from a hard charging Sarah Baum, Tanika Hoffman and Emma Smith. But for once no one was that fussed on winners and losers, we were all just having such a good time. Thanks to Koffie and the organizers and everyone in Jbay for the best week ever! Check out the highlights from Day 1…