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The concept was simple, create a surfboard review show that was relevant to the every day, normal surfer. At 42, weighing 110kg and being a good, but certainly not a pro surfer, I was the perfect candidate. If a board goes well for me, it will more than likely go well for you! Plus who else but Captain Kai knows the whole of the SA Surf Scene.

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Season 1 of The Regular Guy was filmed over 10 days at Supertubes, Jbay and I tested six surfboards from some of SA’s finest board makers. The brief was simple, send a board that would make surfing big winter, swells easier for the average surfer. The surfboard must paddle really well, have a high performance level and, of course, suit a surfer weighing 110kg and 42 years old, myself.

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This whole series would not have been possible without the featured board makers and of course my sponsors. So please show them some love.

Accommodation was provided by AtSupers and we were styling in Pepper St, just meters from the paddle out at Supers (Also the best breakfasts of my life!)

We ate like kings thanks to Jbay’s home away from home, Ninas Real Food.

All my board bags, leashes and grips were supplied by Hurricane Surf.

All my fins were supplied by Scarfini.

I know the tides and sunrise and sunset every day thanks to my Nixon Tide Pro.

The six surfboards were from:

Channel Islands, Twig Surfboards, Dutchie Surf Designs, Gonzo Shapes, SMTH Shapes and Mat Surfboards.

#TheLockdown The Shapers – Dutchie, Graham Smith & Gary van Wieringen

Meet #theLockdown Guests

This week on #TheLockdown I am joined by three of SA’s hardest working shapers and brand owners. Graham Smith is one of the longest working surfboard manufacturers in the country and, of course, father to Jordy Smith.

Josias “Dutchie” Louw is one of hardest working guys in the industry, from making boards, managing brands and of course on the Mic at contest with myself.

Gary van Wieringen is known for his all out power surfing, but was also the hard worker at Clayton surfboards for years and now runs his own brand, Africa Surfboards, from his home on the South Coast.

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Best West! Vans Surf Pro Classic fires off at Lamberts Bay

I love the West Coast! Every time I head up there I just fall in love all over again. One of the main reasons is what I like to call the “West Coast Handshake”. For this event, myself and Stanley Badger drove up a few days early and we arrive at pretty good Elands Bay in the morning with quite the crowd on it. Have a surf, go have lunch, come back to the point and the crowd gone and an old guy from the coast in the parking lot. We have a quick chat and he says, “Enjoy the empty lineup, I am paddled out and heading home.” and he shakes my hand. We score three hours of uncrowded perfection.

This is followed by the first ever WSL event on the coast and as per usual YoYos delivers whether 2ft, 8ft, crossshore or offshore and high tide or low tide. The kids are going off, the Pros are frothing and the vibe is super chilled and everyone is smiling. (Just watch the videos I tell you!) Mike February is looking sublime, but Beyrick de Vries has a look in his eye. Funny then that both end up in the final with Beyrick just pipping Mikey. In the juniors Jordy Maree smokes the field and it is good to see the Grom smiling from ear to ear with a big victory. No huge party follows, just fire, braai and a few beers. West Coast style.

I find myself parked at one of the multitude of reefs along the coast road, one surf down already on a Monday. The waves are out there and looking pretty good. A car pulls up with a bunch of frothing surfers who have just arrived. I say hi, we chat about the event and how the waves looking. A good little set peels off down the reef. I tell them to go enjoy themselves, I am hitting the road. We shake hands and I drive off with a big smile on my face.

Wavescape Film Festival & Dutchie on air tonight!

Cracker show for you guys this eve with the launch of the Wavescape Film Festival on air, while their Art Board auction is happening downstairs at Superette, at the Woodstock Exchange. If you are coming to the auction you can pop upstairs and watch the radio show happening live in studio. I will have Wavescape big boss, Steve Pike on air along with artists such as Conn Bertish. My man Dutchie, surfboard shaper and commentator, will be joining me for the whole show to talk Triple crown action in Hawaii and we may be lucky enough to get live skype with some of the boys abroad…

Tune in from 6-8pm on

For more on the festival just go to


Billabong Junior Series – Cape Town

Wow! The waves flared, the weather was great for Cape Town winter and the groms were abusing the ocean with incredible surfing! I spent the weekend at Long Beach on the mic with good mate Dutchie and we were thoroughly entertained. These Junior events just get better and better with every event and I cannot wait for the big final event in Seal Point next month. Who were my picks from the event? Diran Zakarian ripped and punted one of the biggest airs in a comp ever, so he won the Under 20 division. But, my pick from this division was definitely Steven Sawyer, from Jbay, who was on fire on the final day. It was really good to see him surfing his forehand for once and the guy has both directions waxed! Josh Smit took his second Under 18 win for the year and is looking more and more polished every time I see him surf. Was stoked to see my cuz, Britney Linder owning her first heat in the Under 18 girls. I thought she was a little ripped not to make her next heat (And that is not just the blood relative talking!) In the groms, Max Elkington is looking such a good call for the future! This kid charges for a little Under 12 and probably would have given the Under 14 kids a run for their money. The other good news is that we can cancel the use of “development surfers” in the junior ranks. Kids like Ntando Msibi and the Faulkner brothers are caning it and will earn their respect in the water from their surfing and nothing else! So join us next month at Seal Point, which went off for the comp last year and come see our bright junior future ripping!