SA Surfer nearly jumps on a Shark – Great Arial footage of Garden Route Wave

First off, this video is great and really well shot. The place is one of the most beautiful stops on the Garden Route and there are waves up and down the coast. That said, there are and always have been a large population of Great White sharks in the area. The local surfers simply get on with it, even when sharing the lineup with one guy in a grey suit. They have accepted that they share their chosen environment with this apex predator and thus get on with the job at hand, enjoying the ocean as much as possible. Having said all this, if the surfer at 02:37 actually saw what he nearly jumped on top of, he may have stained his wetsuit… that is one big shadow. Surfing in South Africa is not for sissies.

Surfing in harmony from Stuart Brink Films on Vimeo.