A reminder of how precious life is – Denali, a short film

Once in a while a film comes across your desktop that really makes an impact. A film that reminds you how precious life is and that all those little problems we like to make into big ones are just small. Dogs are a man’s best friend and the message from Denali is that we should enjoy our time on this planet with our friends, instead of falling into the traps laid out by the modern world.

Warning, you may well need a few tissues by the end of this video.

Denali from FELT SOUL MEDIA on Vimeo.

When Dogs Fly – the first dog to go Wingsuit Flying & Base Jumping

Some people are not going to get this, or are definately going to say it is wrong. But, to be honest we have seen surfing dogs, skating dogs, bike riding dogs, skiing dogs… What I am trying to say is that when keeping an open mind about this it actually looks like the dog is pretty amped about flying. Not sure if I would take my dog wingsuit flying one day, but hell, as long as the dog had a good time!

The owner of Whisper, an Australian cattle dog, describes her as ready for adventure even if it means taking a giant leap off the Swiss Alps.
Filmmaker and BASE jumper Dean Potter produced a 22-minute independent film, “When Dogs Fly,” about his family’s stay in the village of Wengen, Switzerland, in 2013 and his best friend, the first dog to ever BASE jump in a wingsuit.
Footage shows the calm pup wearing an array of gear, including so-called doggles, and attached to Potter by a harness while flying to the ground.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/whisper-world-wingsuit-base-jumping-dog-article-1.1811526#ixzz33qR4mCma

When Dogs Fly: World’s First Wingsuit BASE Jumping Dog from Dean S. Potter on Vimeo.