Ken Block’s Gymkhana Nine – Raw Industrial

The Hoonigan, Ken Block, is back with another in his Gymkhana series and this time he is in industrial, run down New York. With more crazy stunts in his new, more powerful Ford Focus, including almost being t-boned by a train, this keeps the franchise going with style.

Hoonigan and Forza Horizon 3 proudly present Ken Block’s Gymkhana NINE: Raw Industrial Playground

A VR/360 Experience of Gymkhana NINE – Coming Soon:

Forza Horizon 3 demo for Xbox One available now:

Nyjah Huston’s “OMFG” Part with Thrasher Magazine

Some hate him, others worship him, but what none of us can deny is that Nyjah Huston changed the game. He is most definitely not your old school punk rock skater, but he skates pretty dam punk rock!

What happens when you ask Nyjah if he has any footage laying around? You get 4 minutes you won’t soon forget.
Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

Ngubane steps up with “Khule’s Journeys”

It’s all about the web show these days. If you are a well paid mega star from the US or other 1st World enclaves in Action Sports, you got to have a web show. The problem lies in the fact that most South African’s don’t have the budget to put one out, or at least to put a decent well shot offering out. So off the bat, I want to say well done Khule Ngubane and his sponsors. Just the effort of matching what the international trend is, shows really good foresight.

For those that don’t know, Khule is a rather larger than life character in the local SA Skate scene. He has started getting some serious results, has the chance to have a go at the international pros at KDC later in the year and possibly even take his show on the road to the holy grail of the USA. If that happens, this was a well timed exercise in marketing with an eye on growth. But, lets be real! There is no Scheckler budget here, so dont expect to see super slow motion “Red” footage and boys pimping in their Escalade with hunnies all round. Its more like 5 guys stuck in a Fiesta making jokes in Cape accents and waving R50 notes at girls. It’s real, the skating is good and its local.

So go have a watch and through numbers, help these guys improve their offering and get better. We need more local content!

MX alive and well in South Africa – Round 3 in Richards Bay

I got to go down to the MX Nationals in Cape Town was pleasantly surprised to find a really solid crew racing at a well organised event. MX in SA has been languishing somewhat the last few years, but with this new series it seems things are back on the up. The most recent stop was Round 3 at teza, in Richards Bay. The track, built on a guy’s private farm for his son, is almost on the US scale, with massive jumps and a great mix of sand and dirt. The racing looked tight and fast, much like the promo girls! Check out the video and get down to a stop near you to see some proper , filthy MX…

DC presents Nyjah Huston Fade to Black with Thrasher Magazine

Wanna know why this guy is considered the best street skater in the world? It is very simple, just watch this video and have your eyes blown wide. No hordes of other skaters screaming in the background, no pimp daddy I am the boss man attitude, just rock solid and utterly amazing skating to a great old track! Nyjah Huston is the Boss!