Absolutely Flawless Pipeline – 2016 Volcom Pipe Pro Day 2

Light trade off shores, groomed lines, jumping whales and perfect pits greeted surfers on Day 2 of the Volcom Pipe Pro 2016. For those of us on the opposite end of the earth, it meant another sleepless night as we watched in awe as tube after magnificent tube were ridden. It was a truly flawless day at Pipeline with a few gems at the Backdoor. Stand out surfers were Bruce Irons, Chris Ward, Jack Robinson and of course the man who has won this event more than any other, John Florence.

In a nail biter heat, Bruce Irons (HAW) jumped from third place to first with just forty seconds left on the clock. Sitting on the Backdoor side, Irons pulled into one of the biggest right-hand barrels of the day and navigated an exit as an explosion of cheers erupted from the beach crowd. With a 9.40 score, Irons secured the heat win and a slot into Round 4.
“The conditions are as good as it gets,” said the Kauai surfer. “It’s definitely probably one of the best days of winter. Lefts, rights, 8-10 feet offshore, what more do you want?”

Surfers blow up at the Mr Price Pro 2014 Day 2

Insane action! That is what we got today at Ballito! The surfers and waves stepped up and once the offshore vanished the boys took to the skies. The most talked about moment (Where were you?) was Filipe Toledo pulling a monster Air reverse that had collective gasps roaring the length of the Ballito promenade all the way to Bogs Bay! The young Brazilian was on fire. Just as gasped at, was Jordy Smith getting a third in one of the toughest heats of the day with a 9.2 Air reverse of his own. Young Hawaiian, Torrey Meister went through on the back of an electric performance.

Bad news, the South Africans are out! Sad days for Team Saffa. Reckon I am backing Torrey now…

Check out all the mad action and remember to chack back again tomorrow for more action from the Mr Price Pro 2014…