Satori – A South African Big Wave Film

Matt Bromley at Dungeons. Satori Film

Satori Shows South African Big Waves

The South African big wave community have been charging both at home and around the planet for many years. Surfers like Grant Twig Baker, who just won the Nazare Challenge, focused the eyes of the world on the spots in and around Cape Town. Sunset Reef and Dungeons are the focal point of that attention. Satori, the new film by Rick Wall, tells the stories of the surfers who have pioneered these spots and that of the new generation of chargers.

Heavy Waters

The big waves of the Cape have a fearsome reputation for good reason. Giant, powerful swells out of the Antarctic Ocean slam into the Cape Peninsula, the water is frigidly cold and the world’s biggest oceanic predator, the Great White, petrols the waters. The surfers who push themselves in these waters are a special breed. Satori will take you into their lives and their passion for big waves.

Legends of the Cape

The movie does not just cover surfers who are famous world wide, like two time Big Wave World Champion, Grant Twig Baker, and adventure legend, Chris Bertish. It will also show you into the somewhat mystical pioneers, like Pierre De Villiers and Mickey Duffus. The new school of guys like Matt Bromley and Jeremy Johnson are also covered. This film will take you into the tight knit community and show you their lives.

Watch the Premier of Satori

You can watch the premier of Satori this Saturday in Cape Town – Go to this LINK

Enjoy the Trailer

Chris Bertish to SUP across the Atlantic – The SUP Crossing

There are so many things I could use to describe Chris Bertish to you. But I think the most important one is that is he is driven – not just to succeed at whatever he does, but to excel for both himself and others. To push the boundaries and show us whats actually possible. After years of supporting charities, charging monster waves and breaking records, Chris now plans on achieving his life long goal of crossing the Atlantic Ocean… on a SUP. When I first heard of this plan I have to honestly say I did not think it was possible, but Chris Bertish does not understand impossible. Check out the video and get involved, supporting some amazing causes!

Voyage – A Turtle Story with Chris Bertish

Pretty stoked to have been a part of this. Watching Chris out in the open ocean on his SUP was incredible and when partnered with releasing rehabilitated Turtles back into the Wild with the 2 Oceans Aquarium, it was the best day. These Turtles are mostly threatened by plastic, so think before throwing away any plastic and help these beautiful creatures out. Enjoy the video, it will definitely give you some stoke!