An interview with a Champion, Grant Twig Baker

I have been doing my radio show for a while now and have had some incredible interviews over the years. This interview stands out though. Twig has been through alot over the last year, but there is no bitterness, no poor old me, simply the will to be the first ever ASP Big Wave World Champion and the drive to represent for the country he loves, South Africa. Every South African, nevermind every surfer, should listen to this interview.

RVCA Rolling Retro 2014 – Get your 70’s Vibes Ready!

Thats right my peeps! Rolling Retro is back and oh my word it is going to be so good.

Robby and I have been putting the event on now for 5 years! Once again we are proud to announce RVCA as the prime sponsor and of course Red Bull are on board to. Your favorite event of the summer is going to kick ass at the amazing Llandudno Lifesaving Club and remember we are raising money for the club to attend Sto arrivando! Champs, so please buy the food on sale and of course make merry at the bar! (Please do keep booze to the clubhouse area and not the beach and of course keep our beach tidy!)

This year we really want everyone to celebrate the 70’s! there will of course be great prizes up for grabs including best dressed, best surfers, best retro board and many more! We will also have great local entertainment in the evening from Bilderberg Motel, the Larter Bros and DJ Ike!

Vudu Surf are once again providing around 50 fully restored classic boards for you to choose from, but best get down to the beach early as it is first come first entered on the day!

Date: 09 February 2014
Entry: R100 (12o Spots)
Registration starts at 9:30am

For more information go to the event site at

Remember to Instagram us your favorite pics from previous years with the #RVCARollingRetro and tag @RVCASouthAfrica and @CaptainKaisWorld

I am off for two weeks in Morocco, hate me later, haha, see ya back in CT for the Retro!

Now go back in time and enjoy this teaser. (Share the hell out of it!)

Pipeline Thunders

Welcome to the North Shore! Last Friday while the Qualifying Tour boys were throwing themselves into monsters at Sunset, the rest of the North SHore were either charging, getting hammered or watching Pipeline put on a proper show. 3rd Reef closeouts, people getting run over and of course John John Florence taming the beast. Some really nervous looking chaps waiting to paddle out on the beach too, haha. Just hope the Pipe Competition gets waves like this.

‘Black Friday’ Banzai Pipeline from Owen Milne on Vimeo.

DC presents Nyjah Huston Fade to Black with Thrasher Magazine

Wanna know why this guy is considered the best street skater in the world? It is very simple, just watch this video and have your eyes blown wide. No hordes of other skaters screaming in the background, no pimp daddy I am the boss man attitude, just rock solid and utterly amazing skating to a great old track! Nyjah Huston is the Boss!

Wakeskating the 8th Wonder of the World with Brian Grubb

One of the best things about being a Red Bull premier athlete must be the opportunities to go and explore the planet for unique riding terrain for shoots. Just take a look at this video with Pro Wakeskater, Brian Grubb. He checked out a great rice terrace on a Philippine Bank Note, found out it was based on a real picture, then tracked down the location (One of the 9 Wonders of the World) and ended up riding it.

Respect for the environment was a priority from the beginning of this project! The team has assured that the plants and wildlife have neither been damaged nor disturbed at any time during the project. All agreements have been made together with the locals and under respect of their traditions and culture.

Professional wakeskaters Brian Grubb (USA) and Dominik Preisner (GER) travelled to the Philippines to have an epic winch session at one of the most beautiful spots in the world. The famous rice terraces of Banaue are considered to be the Eighth Wonder of the World and were surely the perfect playground for an unique wakeskate session!

With the Typhoon causing major destruction in the Philippines right now, please do go and support a good cause for drinking water for the areas hardest hit –

The Friday Mix – Red Bull Day of the Dead skate, Angola Surf & Bmx for Nitro Circus

Its been a few weeks since I did a Friday Mix for you guys. This is a banger though with 3 great videos. We start with the Red Bull Day of the Dead Skate event in Mexico, then we head off to Angola for the new surf film, Under Desert Skies, trailer and finish off with Dutch BMX star, Daniel Wedemeijer, heading to California to get ready for the Nitro Circus Euro tour (Which will be heading our way early next year.) Enjoy the mix and go out and ride this weekend!

Under Desert Sun Trailer from Kevin Voegtlin on Vimeo.

Moe Peters and the Bel Airedit

This guy has to be one of the hardest working and most focussed action athletes in South Africa! When you ride with Moe he is always looking for new tricks, new lines and getting the shot. His sponsors should definitely back him and send him to the States to go ride some big lines. This guy would make big name fast! In the meantime enjoy his latest web edit…

Bel Airedit from Eric Palmer on Vimeo.

Our Ocean is Alive – The Sardine Run 2013

Most people from around the world think of the South African ocean as shark infested. You are not wrong, but we have so much more than just the sharks, our waters are alive with all sea creatures! Every year the sardine shoals arrive on our East coast and the ocean comes alive like never before. Whales, sharks, dolphins, seals, Tuna, birds and humans all converge on these shoals and the water literally boils with life. It is not always the safest time to surf, but many people now go and dive amongst the chaos, with the theory that the small sardines are the targets and during this time all big predators work together. Check out the cool video shot during the Run…

Sardine Run with Animal Ocean from Animal Ocean on Vimeo.

The Podcast is back! This week it is all Bodyboarding and a little surf…

This week I was invaded by the Bodyboarders in the form of Jarret Johnston, Simon Heale & Ian Kruger from Sixty40 Magazine, as we discussed the Tand Invitational, the IBA World Tour, the status of SA Bodyboarding and a surprising amount about surfing and what is happening on the ASP World Tour and in the upcoming winter run here in South Africa. All played to a backdrop of the lastest music…

Congrats to our Twitter Competition winner with Tand Invitational, Zion and Sixty40 – @LukeEdward1 (Please Tweet/DM @KapteinKai your details so we can get you that awesome package!)

Check out the video teaser for the Tand Invitational…