Mongoose Bmx Team slay Cape Town

Every year in mid summer a plethora of Bmx stars from around the World head for Cape Town due to the many big riding events happening close to each other. This year our local hero, Greg Illingworth, brought his fellow Mongoose team mates along for a trip and they quite literally slayed the local Cape Spots. I got to take them down to the secret bowl and watch Greg slay that which was pretty incredible live. So sit back, relax and watch some Bmx carnage as riders Kevin Peraza, Paul Ryan, Greg Illingworth and Stu Loundon slay the Cape…

Bowl Anarchy at the Volcom Bowl-a-Rama 2014

Old school is definitely cool. Just take this really old school pool setup for Bowl-a-Rama mixed with some good old fashioned punk and of course insane skating. Sure as hell gets me amped. Congrats to Pedro Barros on taking home 1st, Alex Sorgente on 2nd and Danny Leon on third!

The #SecretBowl – Neptunes Death Squad Warmup

Recently a good mate built his own incredible backyard bowl. His birthday was coming up and I was asked to put on a “Nitro Circus” style show for the event using the Bowl. So I rounded up a posse of skaters and Bmx guys and we put on quite the show. This footage is from the 3 days before the show as the skaters were preparing for the show and getting to grips with the #SecretBowl – no frills or pretty shots, just good old skating!

Dallas Oberholzer
Adam Woolf
Martin Stoffberg
David Margreiter
Chris Cab

(Show footage coming soon…)
Ph: David Margreiter rides the Cradle coping. By Tyrone Bradley

Must watch Skate section! Ben Raybourn goes mental with Thrasher magazine.

This is easily one of the gnarliest and most gangster skate parts I have seen in an age! Do yourself a favour and watch it now!

Ben Raybourn is on a psychotic skate mission to ride the deepest pits and terrain ever. It’s almost like Earth is running out of spots gnarly enough for him to ride. Unreal. Here’s his Welcome to Nike part.


The Friday Mix – Red Bull Day of the Dead skate, Angola Surf & Bmx for Nitro Circus

Its been a few weeks since I did a Friday Mix for you guys. This is a banger though with 3 great videos. We start with the Red Bull Day of the Dead Skate event in Mexico, then we head off to Angola for the new surf film, Under Desert Skies, trailer and finish off with Dutch BMX star, Daniel Wedemeijer, heading to California to get ready for the Nitro Circus Euro tour (Which will be heading our way early next year.) Enjoy the mix and go out and ride this weekend!

Under Desert Sun Trailer from Kevin Voegtlin on Vimeo.