#WCW with hot surfers Quincy Davis & Maud Le Car

Maud Le Car finds herself home in France confined to a wetsuit to fight off the icy wind and cool water temps in Europe. While East Coast surfer Quincy Davis has yet again escaped Fall and winter to spend time on the sun soaked beaches of Puerto Rico. After a desperately cold session Maud books a life and books a flight and joins Quincy on a whim leaving a note for her boyfriend saying au revoir for now.

Meet a Hot Surfer – Tia Blanco

At just 16 years old and already loading up the major sponsors and results in her home waters of California, expect to see more of the talented and very hot, Tia Blanco. Originally from Costa Rica, she now calls San clemente home and can no doubt be seen ripping waves and turning heads from T-Street to Trestles. She was recently picked up by Reef and they made a snappy launch video of her surfing and rocking their bikini range – she also seems unfazed by the bigger stuff…