Andy: The Untold Story of Andy Irons – Trailer

If there is one documentary every surfer on the planet is waiting to watch, it has to be this one. Andy Irons was a force of nature – Wild, unrelenting and unpredictable, but his surfing was a thing of beauty! He had a massive impact on the world of professional surfing, going from the wild child to a three time world champion and becoming Kelly Slater’s greatest rival at a time when no one could compare to the 9 time world champ. When you see the emotion from everyone in this film you realise how much Andy effected theirs and our lives. This one is going to be an emotional roller coaster!

I Miss Andy!

It started watching the Fiji pro at Cloudbreak and now with Supertubes around the corner, it’s gotten worse. I miss watching Andy Irons surf! He was probably the best backhand surfer ever born and no slouch on the forehand either. What I loved most about his surfing though was that raw, unleashed power. He did turns where others were looking for the shoulder and rode the tube deeper than almost any other person. So to celebrate how much I loved watching him surf, check out his last video part before he died and remember how good he was to watch! We miss you Andy…

All hail the Champ! Mick Fanning World Champion x3

The dust has settled, the pro surfers have flown home for xmas, the Fantasy Surfer winners have lorded it over their friends and Mick Fanning is safely home in Oz with World Title number 3. This puts him on par with Andy Irons, Tom Curren and Marc Richards, with only Kelly Slater having more titles. I reckon that deserves a drink mate! Cheers Mick and bloody well done (Hope Eugene was allowed out for a celebration!)haha