The big man is back! Jordy Smith rips Durban & Mozambique

2015 is a year Jordy Smith will want to wipe from the memory banks, with recurring injuries and a less than stellar year on tour. Coming home to SA for the holidays he finally got over his injuries, scored some epic waves at home and managed to sneak a quick trip over the border to Mozambique. He says he is feeling great, hungry for victory and ready to assault the World Tour in 2016, as he got the injury wildcard. Watching this video, I find it hard to doubt, especially when the first stop on tour on the Gold Coast resembles the waves he is busy destroying right here. So watch this and I almost guarantee he is going to make a quick appearance in your Fantasy team.

Go Jordy!

Jordy Smith in Mozambique and Durban from Jordy Smith on Vimeo.

RJ Anderson XP1K2, Utterly insane side-by-side driving!

The Side-by-side (Sxs) is a relatively new form of racing vehicle, which has started to happen in South Africa. Developed from platforms used for farming and hunting, these vehicles are super light, run on modified bike engines and can cross crazy terrain in the blink of an eye. I wanna race one so bad I can taste it!

Professional Driver. One-Of-A-Kind Heavily Modified Vehicle. Do Not Attempt. You Could Die. “XP1K2” is a seven-minute onslaught of intense off-road road action, set in a massive 600-acre forest near Mt. Baker, Washington. The video stars Off-Road Racing Champion RJ Anderson, driving a custom Holz Racing built Polaris RZR XP 1000 Side-by-Side (SxS), complete with a Polaris ProStar® 1000 Muzzys Performance engine and custom Walker Evans Racing shocks. The “XP1K2” crew, including Tony Vanillo and his team of dirt and ramp engineers at the Off-Road Management Group, transformed the remote wooded location into a stunning array of creative obstacles, which included more than 20 natural terrain and man-made works of (terrifying) art. Spoiler alert – RJ Anderson reclaims the world record for a distance jump in a SxS – and does so by clearing a death-defying 100-foot gap!

More than a year of planning went in to the development and execution of the “XP1K2” campaign. It took the build team of 10, more than a month to carve out the heart-stopping playground as multiple obstacles featured hand built “ladder trail” which required two to three days each to weld, cover in wood and secure safely. The Mad Media crew of 40 then spent 14 days on location battling wind, rain, mud and fog to capture each of their incredible imagined obstacles.

Keep track of all the XP1K2 news and information at

The Winter Whip Snowboard contest at Afriski – presented by LW Mag

This is the first time in over 10 years that I have missed the annual snowboard contest in South Africa. I am pretty damn bleak about it, especially watching the video and realising what a great weekend the boys and gals had. People are always amazed when I talk about snowboarding in Africa, but the bottom line is that if you wanna ride a fun park, you don’t need to travel abroad! Even world famous web boarder and pro, Marko Grilc, was impressed, just see his video below the comp one.

Juniors 1 – Eduan Enslin
Amateur 1 – Jason Lammers 2 – Graham Sepata 3 – Wesley SchallenOpen
Ladies 1 – Mawa Jekot 2 – Vanessa Jackson 3 – Tamara SusaOpen
Men 1 – Andrew Le Roux 2 – Luke Dutton 3 – Dean van Greunen
Ski 1 – JTK 2 – Augusto Risso 3 – Alexander Travers

Surfers blow up at the Mr Price Pro 2014 Day 2

Insane action! That is what we got today at Ballito! The surfers and waves stepped up and once the offshore vanished the boys took to the skies. The most talked about moment (Where were you?) was Filipe Toledo pulling a monster Air reverse that had collective gasps roaring the length of the Ballito promenade all the way to Bogs Bay! The young Brazilian was on fire. Just as gasped at, was Jordy Smith getting a third in one of the toughest heats of the day with a 9.2 Air reverse of his own. Young Hawaiian, Torrey Meister went through on the back of an electric performance.

Bad news, the South Africans are out! Sad days for Team Saffa. Reckon I am backing Torrey now…

Check out all the mad action and remember to chack back again tomorrow for more action from the Mr Price Pro 2014…

Jeff Hubbard attacks Puerto Escondido

One of the biggest names in Bodyboarding attacks the lineup at Puerto Escondido! Huge, gnarly beachbreak surfed without fear.

A few weeks in Puerto Escondido. Directed, edited and filmed by Richard Lornie from Chout Films. Additional footage by Noam Eshel and Reid Southall. Huge thanks to Clive and Adriana from Aqua Luna hotel.

Hubb’s Mexican Dream… from Chout Films on Vimeo.

The Future – Stab Mag asks where surfing will be in 5 years?

Surfing is progressing at a high pace with guys like Jordy Smith, Dane Reynolds, Julian Wilson, Gabriel Medina, John John Florence and the Maui brigade led by Albee Layer, pushing what is possible in the air and the water. Stab Magazine have been running a Web Series, Fly me to the Moon, chronicling aerial surfing and this is the latest episode.

Stab and Carlton Dry offer the newest piece from our Fly Me to the Moon joint, a 10(ish) part documentary about what happen in the airspace above lips in 2013. This episode is all about what high performance surfing will look like five years from now.
Starring Craig Anderson, Josh Kerr, Jordy Smith, Taj Burrow, Julian Wilson, Kolohe Andino and Kai Neville.

For more check out STAB MAG

Fly Me To The Moon: Five Years Forward from STAB on Vimeo.

Now Now with Jordy Smith

The man is on fire! He just got engaged to his super model gal, he has been ripping all over the planet and many are calling him for the world title this year! He was not even planning to release a new film, but scored so much good footage over the last few months he kind of had to. Love the SA flavor to Mr Smith! So lets watch it now now bru…

STAB X O’Neill present Jordy Smith’s movie NOW NOW from O'NeillOz on Vimeo.

Jordy Smith’s latest film “NOW NOW” is unadulterated surf porn. It’s less about the editors artistic impression, and all about what one of the most relevant surfers in the world is doing between dawn and dusk.
Jordy Smith stormed onto the World Tour in 2008 with no apologies and no prisoners. Since first pulling on a ‘Smith’ jersey, he’s brought home victories (J-Bay), accomplished personal goals (winning outside South Africa, in Rio), clocked 10s (everywhere) and shown us all how endearing the transition from cocky benchwarmer to graceful batsman can really be.
Watching all 6’3″ of him hospitalise a beachbreak end section or man-handle a Cloudbreak freight train with equal panache will steal your breath. But Jordy doesn’t just dance for the judges – 2013’s been a year in which he has shocked with freesurf clips, it was only a matter of time ’til we would be gifted a digital extended play.
Welcome to NOW NOW, a collage of moments tagged and bagged during the first six months of this year. Filmed in Mozambique, South Africa, Australia and Indonesia, one simple mantra has kept Jordy’s batteries charged and allowed us the pleasure of NOW NOW: “I just want to go surf. That’s what I want to do.”
Jordy commented, “This movie kinda just happened, I wasn’t really expecting to drop another movie so soon after Bending Colours, then I did a few trips down to Mozambique to test boards and get dialed for Snapper and scored some epic waves.”
“I love Durban, its probably the best place in the world to get clips. The waves are so consistent and super hollow and rampy. I’d seen a few of the young Brazilian kids sticking backflips which got me amped. I ended up sticking two big ones in Ballito, that’s when I realised that we were sitting on some sick footage & had to make this movie”
On sale Friday 13th September 2013 on iTunes