Slade Prestwich wins the Volcom VQS Finals at Cloudbreak – Video

The kid was surfing like a man grown! This is not to say the other guys in the VQS were surfing bad, they were ripping. But, when you compared their bottom turns and hits to the lip with those that Slade was doing, they simply did not compare and that is exactly why he won. Cloudbreak is a power wave and Slade came with the power and then some! People often want to compare young guys to Andy Irons, but just look at that bottom turn above and you really do see a flash of Andy. Speed, precision and power, it was beautiful to watch. Hats off to runner up, Deivid Silva from Brazi, he surfed real good, but from the start of the final that winners cheque, worth a hefty R100k, had Slade’s name on it! Congrats my man, another glorious victory in a year turning into a banger for South African surfing.