Skateboarding Madagascar – Expect the unexpected Part 1

As a surfer Madagascar has been on the map for many years, but its definitely not the first place to pop in your head for a skate tour. But it seems that there is a skate culture growing there, so Red Bull took a crew of international skaters to go explore the land of the lemurs…

Madagascar sounds a bit like something from the pages of a fantasy novel. Everyone knows that this place exists, but it’s so remote that it is almost like a myth. The island resides on Africa’s west side and is a rare destination for outsiders, isolated by both sea and distance.

A crew of skaters including Barney Page, Denny Pham, Nestor Judkins, Wilko Grüning, Brian Dolle, and Gosha Konyshev saw this as a challenge. Without knowing what any of the terrain would be like, the guys booked their flights and shipped out to the island to go find out for themselves….if only they knew what they were in for. Check out part 1 from their skateventure.

Shred in peace, Wilko Grüning.
Our utmost condolences go out to Wilko, his family, and the entire skateboard community.