Red Bull Kart Fight – Everyone can be a racer!

To say I am excited about this would be a gross understatement! I can see much training, driving Karts and lessons from my racing pals!
Red Bull Kart Fight is coming to South Africa. This year you’ll be able to experience the feeling of being a real race car driver, the adrenaline you feel in the minutes before departure, the smell of burning rubber, the sound of the engine and the bustle of mechanics.
Anyone from 13 years can participate and has the opportunity to be the best kart fighter in South Africa. And could go on to defend their national colors in the World Final.
To enter purchase a Red Bull and get down to your nearest participating track to set your fastest lap. The top racers from each track will advance to the Regional Finals. Remember to bring your till slip with you as proof of purchase and a track fee of R50 applies.
Here is a list of participating tracks around South Africa where you can set your time: Set your pace
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