Quiksnow 2013 – A decade of mayhem ends!

As I sit here, I cant but help feel a little sad. Quiksnow is over, its done. Not just for this year, but forever…

Having said that I will tell you the event went out with a bang! Celebrating a decade of Quiksnow (I have not missed one), everyone went hard from night 1 with Jack Parow playing and the mountain staff going bonkers. Two days of solid riding and ending off with the City Bowl Mizers playing to a wild snow crew. Livers were abused, the bar was punished, emotions ran wild, the riding was insane and the promo trolls were the official side show… (In joke…)

Now I sit here and wonder where to now? We have been promised more events next year, but none quite as big as Quiksnow. We have the crew and riders, we have the magnificent Kapoko Park and we got snow thanks to Afriski. Anyone keen on sponsoring the best riding party of the year?

Quiksnow 2013 from Quiksilver South Africa on Vimeo.