Our Ocean is Alive – The Sardine Run 2013

Most people from around the world think of the South African ocean as shark infested. You are not wrong, but we have so much more than just the sharks, our waters are alive with all sea creatures! Every year the sardine shoals arrive on our East coast and the ocean comes alive like never before. Whales, sharks, dolphins, seals, Tuna, birds and humans all converge on these shoals and the water literally boils with life. It is not always the safest time to surf, but many people now go and dive amongst the chaos, with the theory that the small sardines are the targets and during this time all big predators work together. Check out the cool video shot during the Run…

Sardine Run with Animal Ocean from Animal Ocean on Vimeo.

Author: Captain Kai

South Africa's best MC & Commentator for extreme sports and surfing. Video Production specialist, social media guru and event creator.