Bmx star Murray Loubser features in new film – At Ease

I wanted something spectacular to start the year off on the blog and my man, Murray Loubser, came with the heat. Not only has he been featured in the new Odyssey Bmx film, At Ease, but he got the final segment (We all know the final segment is the most NB segment!)

I had a quick chat to him about the project and upcoming plans, such as Ultimate X at Sun City, next month. You an listen to the Podcast below…

The Bmx Interview

Check out the Bmx Movie

Catch the World’s Best Bmx next month

Thats right, the best Bmx stars in the world, including Murray Loubser, will all be competing at Ultimate X at Sun City. I will have more interviews with some of the guys coming out soon! For more information on the event, check out their Facebook Page!

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