Movember 2013 – Everything you need to know!

Ok so everyone’s favorite month to either love on their top lip, or hate on the Mo, is back. As usual I am a proud ambassador for Movember South Africa and have shaved my beard to look 12 years old once more and grow my dirty mexican pirate looking Mo.

Every year I get either asked by people what Movember is all about, or get told by people they are also doing Movember, but upon one look at their already well grown Mo or their state of unknowing regarding how Movember works, I have to launch into a strong sermon on what is essentially easy to find out yourself!

So, dont be a faker or a half yard! Join the Movelution for real and support a great cause! You can support my efforts right here –

The three videos below have all the information you need to join Movember for real!