Longest Dirt to Dirt MTB Backflip with Cam Zink

Mammoth was the site of yet another Monster Energy athlete world-breaking victory where Cam Zink stomped an official Guinness World Record for the longest dirt-to-dirt mountain bike backflip launching 100 feet 3 inches from a 15-foot-high dirt ramp to a 25-foot-high landing where he reached speeds of up to 46 mph to beat his previous record.

Going huge on a mountain bike is second nature to Zink, 28, who continues to progress the limitless possibilities by defining the future of mountain biking. He previously landed a 78-foot step-down backflip at one of the world’s premier freeride mountain bike events. For today’s official Guinness World Record, Zink upped the ante to 100-feet, three inches ensuring authenticity in the set up that he designed and was built by the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park team at Mammoth’s Canyon Lodge. Instead of the step-down setup and wood ramp from his previous record, he opted for a more purist approach with a dirt-to-dirt gap jump on level ground with the start of the landing area 80-feet from the takeoff for good measure.