Lockdown chat with Jordy Smith, Travis Logie & Wok – #TheLockdown Ep4

The Podcast

The 3 Amigos in Lockdown

I was not sure what to expect when I chatted with Travis Logie about getting the three best buds on the same podcast during lockdown, but needless to say it was an epic chat. These 3 grew up together in Durban and now live in California and Hawaii. Jordy Smith has become one of the best surfers on the planet, Travis has ended his Pro surf career and become the WSL Commissioner and Warwick Wok Wright was never really a pro, though he beat a few, but now a successful interior designer and married in Hawaii.

A Special Chat

Wok’s Mom called me up after the premier and told me how special it was to get the three together and talking. A sentiment shared by the boys at the end of our talk – it went on for just over an hour – and the stories, flashbacks and laughs were real. It was incredible to get some real insight to their relationships, how they met and of course their time together on the tour.

Groms Listen up!

On a more serious note, the gents serve up some real, hard advice for aspiring SA surfers with big dreams of qualifying. These three, yes even Wok, made some serious damage on the QS and their stories and and advise should be heeded.

Hawaii the best place to be in lockdown!

This was the common consensus during the chat and checking out Jordy’s Instagram account will leave you in no doubt. Wok has adopted a flock of ducks and is practicing for being a daddy.

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3 Replies to “Lockdown chat with Jordy Smith, Travis Logie & Wok – #TheLockdown Ep4”

  1. I thought is was pretty good . It’s always good to hear those 3 legends but kai got it horribly mixed up when jordy asked who he thinks the best 12 -13 year olds coming out of the country atm . Now Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but at least get the ages right . Levi and Rory dace are the only 12 and 13 year olds he mentions. The rest are 14 turning 15 and luke Thompson is 15 turning 16 . So if you want to talk about those age groups at least get the ages right so it’s an accurate answer to the question . James ribbink , Daniel Emslie also need a mention if you want talk about 15 year olds turning 16 .

    1. Right on all counts Wes, but as you said Jordy caught me a little off guard. If you want a full answer I can prepare a full, list for you including Kai.

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