Koa Rothman and the Code Black Beast of Teahupoo

The beast awoke on May 13th with solid 20ft waves exploding on the reef at Teahupoo. A large portion of the world’s best big wave hell brigade were there to charge the horrific pits, but it was young Hawaiian charger, Koa Smith with the bomb and possibly one of the biggest, ugliest tubes ever ridden. The first video gives you the personal front row seats, the second is slightly further back, but just take a look at what happens behind the wave. Very Scary! Then watch the swell grow through the day, with the chaos in the channel in the last video…

Teahupoo – 13th of May 2013 – Koa Rothman from spongercity on Vimeo.

Teahupoo Tahiti 13 05 2013 by 1ere-polynesie