& Again – John John blows minds in Tahiti

Must be wonderful to have your own video making machine like John John Florence does. While you in Tahiti for the tour, you just cruize, surf and film for another mind bendingly good web short. I am pretty jealous of the camera guy to… Nice work Blake Kueny 😉

A short featuring John John Florence titled, “& AGAIN”. The sequel to AGAIN. On Location in Tahiti.
Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny & John John Florence
Surfing by John John Florence & Raimana Van Bastolaer & Albee Layer
Filmed by Blake Vincent Kueny & Daniel Russo & Erik Knutson
Edited by Blake Vincent Kueny
Colored by Trevor Durtschi
Special Thanks to RED Digital Cinema and Wedge & Lever

& AGAIN from John John Florence on Vimeo.